Growing Up in Serving – What do you think? Do mature believers find, join, maybe create a place to enjoy serving in their local churches? Did and does Jesus serve the church? Did Paul serve in the church? Did Peter, James, John, and millions/billions of others serve in their local churches? Do mature Christ followers you know serve? Of course they do. So, do you serve?

by Pastor Delbert Young

Growing Up in Serving sermon series video

Sermon notes


Growing Up in Serving sermon series video

Scriptures: Mark 10:35-37, Mark 10:45, Mark 10:42-43, Mark 10:44, Ephesians 6:7-8, Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 4:23-25, John 13:1, John 13:4-5

General Eisenhower once rebuked one of his own Generals for referring to a soldier as “just a Private.” Eisenhower reminded the General that the Army could function better without its Generals than it could without its Privates. Eisenhower said, “If this war is won, it will be won by Privates.” People who served, not those who wanted to SIT and tell everyone how to do things, won World War II. If we are going to win the war for our children, families, and loved ones, it will be by our serving, not by our SITTING.

Jesus said that if they, his disciples, wanted to elevate in life and mature in the kingdom, they must serve. So I ask, WHAT DO YOU DO FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD? WHAT IS YOUR MINISTRY RIGHT NOW, TODAY? WHAT CAN THE LORD COUNT ON YOU DOING?

WHY DOES GOD WANT AND EXPECT US TO SERVE? I need to mention that there are rewards for what we do. (continue sermon notes)

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