Irrevocable Blessing with Polished Words Father’s Day sermon video. Genesis 27:33 Isaac began to tremble uncontrollably and said, …I BLESSED HIM WITH AN IRREVOCABLE BLESSING before you came (NLB). Fathers, there is an irrevocable power in your words. It can’t be undone. A supernatural power is released for your children when you declare and pronounce a blessing with polished words. It cannot be changed. It cannot be undone.

Father’s Day
By Pastor Delbert Young

Irrevocable Blessing with Polished Words Father’s Day sermon video

Irrevocable Blessing with Polished Words

Sermon notes


Irrevocable Blessing with Polished Words Father’s Day sermon video

Scriptures: James 3:9-10, Genesis 48:9, Genesis 48:16, Genesis 27:4, Genesis 27:12, Genesis 27:19, Genesis 27:28-29, Genesis 27:33, Numbers 6:22-27

Several years ago, I shared a message I called “Irrevocable Blessing.” I’ve received emails about the lesson from people all over who read it online. The teaching wasn’t in video or audio, only written notes. A young man emailed me from Texas talking about how the sermon touched him. One woman, writing a book, wanted to know if she could use it in her book. She heard it when her pastor preached the sermon to his congregation. A few months ago a man called me from Florida. I was out of town. He left two messages before I could get back and see exactly what he was referencing. He asked me to please call him and speak this blessing over his life. I did. Today, I want to share some from the lesson targeted at fathers.

Fathers, what I want you to know today is the power of your words. You speak thousands of words every day, but do you realize the power in your words especially the words you speak to your children? Dads, your spoken words have an irrevocable aspect. Have you ever said something and wish you could get it back? You couldn’t and no matter how you apologized… (continue sermon notes)

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