1 Corinthians Study Series. What I attempted to do in this study was to take a look at the 16 problems this church experienced, but not focus on the problems. Rather to focus on the solutions to the problems.

1 Corinthians Study Series Audio

1 Corinthians Study Series Audio

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1 Corinthians Study Part 3

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Descriptions 1 Corinthians Study Series

1 Corinthians Study Part 1 chapter 1 v 1-3.

The church at Corinth had problem after problem after problem. Paul wrote this book to give directions concerning these problems.

1 Corinthians Study Part 2.

Paul said if there are divisions and strife among us then we are carnal and worldly. We are mere babies in Christ. It doesn’t mean we are not saved, but it does mean we are immature.

1 Corinthians Study Part 3.

Paul continued dealing with problems in the church. Paul preached Christ and Him crucified. Once this is understood as most important other problems become less important.

1 Corinthians Study Chapter 2.

Paul did not come with superiority or speech. He came knowing nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The chapter is divided into 2 sections v 1-5 and v 6-16.

1 Corinthians Chapter 3.

Paul divides those in the church into two groups – those spiritual and those carnal, those mature and those who are babes. I have divided the chapter into 4 sections: v 1-3 infants; verses 4-7 the indwelling; v 8-20 the individual; v 21-23 inherit.

1 Corinthians Study Series Audio

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