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Mother’s Day Sermons Page audio video notes. Here are 13 Mother’s Day sermons taken from the scriptures. Mother’s Day is right up there next to Easter. There is no one like mother. Love your mom by being with her while you can. A day will come when you would give anything to be with Mom.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page

By Delbert Young

Mother's Day Sermons Page

Mother’s Day Sermons Page audio video notes

From My Mother’s Womb

A Mother’s Day sermon – In excruciating agony and suffering, in the center of the direst situation is the embedded memory of what occurred in mother’s arms, not father’s, but mothers. In times of mass rejection and mocking of men, a person can have God’s presence because of what their mother established in their soul at her breast. A person struggling with excruciating issues of life is able to maintain sanity and find trust in God because of faith instilled by mother from the womb at her breast as she cast her children upon God. How awesome is a godly mother!

Mother Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

We all know being a mother is not easy, but that’s about all we say. Although we may mention a few of the known struggles like cooking, cleaning, washing, transporting children, and taking care of everyone. Chiefly we sort of see it as “mom works for us. Add this to how many mothers maintain a full or part-time job. We never discuss the deepest inner struggles mothers frequently experience and go through. Maybe we can.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page

Mothers say Make My Children Great

MOTHERS ALWAYS HAVE A HOPE AND A PLAN FOR THEIR CHILDREN. They can see the potential within their children no one else can see. They want their children to go to the top of their potential. Mothers want their children to learn more, do more, and accomplish more with their lives than did they. As I thought about this and wanted to develop the thought somewhat for today’s lesson, I found my way to the following passage…

Mother’s Day Sermons Page audio video notes

Motherhood, a Sword through thy Soul

The old prophet Simeon told Mary speaking of Jesus, “Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also…” (Luke 2:35). Motherhood is much like this. A mother’s heart and soul are constantly pierced as she raises her child.

Mothers of Jesus

Tamar was tenacious. Good moms are tenacious. Rahab was a survivor. Good moms are survivors. Ruth was dedicated. Good moms are dedicated. Bathsheba was adored. Good moms are adored. Mary was a servant. Great moms serve the Lord.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page

Mothers of Influence

It’s amazing how mothers influence us to up and mothers can influence us to go down. Mothers influence us to be successful and Mothers influence us to be unsuccessful. However, the greatest place a mother can influence is in spiritual areas. If she influences there, she can influence everywhere.

Hannah, Profile of a Godly Mother

The Bible does celebrate mothers. One of those celebrated women was a woman named Hannah. I want to profile Hannah this Mother’s Day. There are many more aspects of her profile than I will point out, but I want to look at five points of PROFILING A GODLY MOTHER.

Rahab The Prostitute A Honored Mother

A good church should be like a good mother, birthing life, forgiving faults, encouraging, uplifting, directing, admonishing, feeding, and on and on. Strangely, a good mother was once a harlot. Her name was Rahab. God placed her in the lineage of King David and the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page audio video notes

Seven Wonderful Conceptions

Every conception is wonderful, but the scriptures tell us about SEVEN WONDERFUL CONCEPTIONS from which we can draw some wonderful truths about mothers – Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Mrs. Monah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary.

Sincere Faith

A mother loves her children and grandchildren and wants nothing more than for them to enjoy victorious and successful lives. When victorious, mothers not only love them, they are proud of them. A mother loves every child and grandchild, but sadly, she is not always proud of every child and grandchild. A key thing a mother and grandmother do to ensure success is passing on her sincere faith.

Thank You for My Mom and the Mom of my Children

I was watching television on Wednesday afternoon. They interviewed children asking about the value of different things. A car was worth $1000.00. A house was worth $3000.00. But, Mom was worth one million dollars. An hour with Mom was worth $50.00, but to be with Mom all day was worth one million dollars. A million dollars was the largest amount in their thinking. To a child, being with their mom is priceless. If your mom is deceased then you understand this completely. Nothing would be better than to get to be with mom one more day.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page

Two Hookers, One Mother, and a Sword

Two Hookers, One Mother, and a Sword – sermon video audio notes

What a fun study! After 25 years of Mother’s Day sermons, I looked for something fresh that I hadn’t talked about on Mother’s Day. I think I’ll remember this one always.

Making Of A Mother Audio

Before she’s a mother she’s a woman. At the creation of humanity male and female were one being. This being was lonely because there was no compatible helper. The Lord separated a part from the being called Adam creating a different part called “woman” who first and primarily was to be a helper for Adam. She wasn’t created “Eve.” She was created by God as “woman.” First, she’s woman to become a helper. Then she becomes Eve – mother.

Mother’s Day Sermons Page video audio notes

Mother's Day Sermons Page

Mother’s Day Sermons Page video audio notes

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