Easter Sermons Page videos audios notes

Easter Sermons Page videos audios notes. On this page, you will find twenty Easter sermons. Easter is my favorite day of the year. It’s Resurrection Sunday! In the first century times, people greeted one another by saying, The Lord has risen! The reply was, The Lord has risen indeed! Another reason I think Easter is the most wonderful day of the year is it’s the day more people go to church than any other day all year long. This means Easter is the day more people come to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What a great day! 

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

By Delbert Young

Easter Sermons

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

A Lamb Looking as if it had been Slain – Easter sermon video audio notes

Intro Video A Lamb Looking as if it had been Slain

A Lamb Looking as if it had been slain. What I want to talk about today is, of course, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but not only the day two thousand years ago. Let’s begin with a few questions. Why did God raise Jesus from the dead? God saved us by the precious blood of Jesus and grace through faith, not by raising Jesus from the dead. So why the resurrection? The main question I want to ponder is why one of the ways Jesus continues to appear is a Lamb as if it had been slain. Do you see Him as a Lamb as if it had been slain?

Empty Promises – Easter sermon video audio notes

Have you ever wondered how the disciples felt about the promises Jesus made to them when Jesus died that day? They felt they received EMPTY PROMISES. However, Jesus does not give EMPTY PROMISES. He will come back from the dead to keep his promises. In fact, he FILLS EMPTINESS WITH PROMISE. We see this in the empty cross, empty tomb, and empty grave clothes.

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

Fear Not, Touch Me, Follow Me, Go Ye – Easter sermon video audio notes

Easter sermon video audio notes – Jesus said to his disciples after the resurrection, Fear Not, Touch Me, Follow Me, Go Ye – Today Jesus’ tomb stands open and empty. This is not religious folklore. Easter is a historical fact. The fact is this day is documented. Specifically, it is real. Because of the manifold implications of Jesus’ resurrection, hundreds of millions of people all around the world stop what they are doing on this holy day, and go to a church. Some go to just remember. Others go to rejoice, and some go to recalibrate.

The Resurrection, He has Risen – Easter sermon video audio notes

Think about if you entered the tomb. The body you came to tediously care for is gone. Standing there perplexed, two florescent guys pop in the tomb beside you. What do you do? Scream? You think, “I’m about to die! I’m going to fall to the ground face down like an Ostrich.” The two glowing dudes begin talking! “Remember he told you he would rise the third day.” How well could you really be listening? They got the primary part: ‘HE HAS RISEN!’ Poof! The glowing dudes are gone. As fear faded they must have thought, ‘Did we just see angels! We did, right? Joanna, did you see…? They talked to us, right Mary? You heard them didn’t you?’

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

I Am the Resurrection and the Life – Easter sermon video audio notes

Jesus said he is The Resurrection and the Life, and he proved it. God gives us a picture of what will take place for you and me. We have a window for all to see what will happen one day if you love Jesus, and Jesus loves you. Also, we see God’s ultimate love for you. Furthermore, we see the glory of God. God’s ultimate love is not God healing you. God’s ultimate love is showing you his glory and the glory of his Son – your resurrection. “Do you believe this?”

Easter sermon I See Grace pt 2 – video audio notes

The grace of God is a mystery. There is no one word capable of expressing the grace of God- no synonym – no dictionary definition fully defining grace. It’s because God’s grace is a mystery. Grace isn’t supposed to be easily understood. You must SEE grace for yourself and today, I want you to leave saying, I see grace.

Images of Easter – sermon video audio notes

Easter has many images. We have Easter Lilies, certainly, we have Easter Eggs, Easter chicks, and also Easter Bunnies, don’t forget Easter bonnets. Furthermore, we have the Christian Cross. Above all, we have the empty tomb. When you think of Easter, what image comes to your mind? As I thought about all the images of Easter, I began to see a common thread wove itself through all those images. THAT THREAD IS THE CELEBRATION OF LIFE.

Easter Nonsense – sermon video audio notes

To many the resurrection sounds even more like NONSENSE two thousand years later. Have supernatural things like the resurrection and angels ever seemed like NONSENSE to you? Do you know people who say it seems like NONSENSE to them? Atheists say it’s a myth and NONSENSE. These things probably have seemed like NONSENSE to all of us to some degree. Are they? Is there a supernatural world around us, or is it all just NONSENSE? What do you think?

The Resurrection Proofed – Easter sermon video audio notes

Our church believes Jesus Christ died a very excruciating and humiliating death on a cross – ‘the emblem of suffering and shame.’ We believe Jesus was buried. We believe three days later God raised him from the dead. What I intend to do today is show you why we believe this. We will talk about the resurrection proofed.

Resurrected Hope – Easter sermon video audio notes

For many today hopes and dreams are crucified and placed in a tomb, but today is RESURRECTION DAY. God desires every hope and dream to come alive within you today and you come forth no longer a victim but as a victor. God desires to make every area of your life fully fulfilled. He wants resurrected hope.

Easter Blood Sacrifice – sermon video audio notes

When you read the Bible, you become amazed at how bloody a book it is. I’m going to talk about this, so I want to ask you what’s the most blood you’ve ever seen. I grew up on a farm where we butchered our own pork, beef, and chicken, even lamb, so I saw a lot of blood. I asked my wife Judy this question and she said it was when deer hunting with me. Blood!

Story that will Never Die – Easter sermon video audio notes

How can every Christian church share every year about the resurrection and the story stay alive? How can the same story be talked about for two thousand years and remain alive, pertinent, and life-changing? It’s because Jesus is alive and he is The Story That Will Never Die!

Excitement of Christianity – Easter sermon video audio notes

Easter sermon video audio notes – God raised Jesus from the dead! THIS IS WHAT MAKES CHRISTIANITY EXCITING. This is the uniqueness of our faith! The Old Testament miracles were marvelous. The New Testament miracles were even better. But on resurrection day, everything changed. It added an excitement unlike anything else. It changed history and it changed my life and your life forever.

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

The Promise – Easter sermon video audio notes

Easter sermon video audio notes – In Jesus, ALL THE PROMISES OF GOD are yes and amen! The amazing thing is by fulfilling his promises to us, he receives glory. By his keeping his promises through Jesus, he proves he is Father God and Jesus is His Son. It was this way on the Sunday morning when Jesus rose from the dead. AN EMPTY CROSS, AN EMPTY TOMB, AND AN EMPTY BURIAL CLOTH proved God kept THE PROMISE.

What Then? – Easter sermon video audio notes

It seems no one prepares for death or plans to die, yet it is the most inevitable thing about your life. You imagine and you plan what your life will be, but have you planned on WHAT THEN?

You and the Tomb Easter sermon

What really happened that Easter morning? I know what believers think happened, but what do you think? It is a historical fact that the body was gone. The tomb was empty that Sunday morning, but what really happened? Did the disciples steal the body to make it appear Jesus had resurrected? Did the Romans do something with the body? Or, did Jesus actually rise from the dead? Every person has a reaction to that empty tomb where Jesus was placed. What about you and the tomb? How do you react to the Tomb? Today we will take a look at four reactions to that empty tomb. Let’s refresh everyone’s memory with the story.

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

16th Day the Lamb Rose Easter sermon notes

16th Day the Lamb Rose Easter sermon notes. Christ the true Passover Lamb was presented on the 10th day of the month, and slain on the 14th day. The Holy Spirit blew in the tomb on the 15th day. On the 16th day up from the grave he arose!

Three Thoughts About The Resurrection – audio

We sing about it. There are forty passages of Scriptures talking about it. But what I want to know is what do all those Scriptures mean to me. How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ affect my life? What will it do to my body? The resurrection was not only for Jesus Christ. It’s also promised to the believer. One thing I know is I want to be in the first resurrection. One thing is we’ll be like the angels.

Spices We Prepare Easter Audio

Jesus doesn’t need spices. He wasn’t in the tomb. Yet, we want to make dead things smell good. Death is sad and confusing. Our walk with Jesus sometimes becomes confusing.

Resurrection Power Audio

Resurrection Power is not only a past event. Neither is it a future event. It’s a person Jesus told Mary He was it and it lives in us now. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you and me.

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

Easter Sermons Page

Easter Sermons Page sermon videos audios notes

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