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Welcome to the Sermons by Delbert Young website. This site shares freely sermons and messages preached and taught by me, Delbert Young, over my thirty years of ministry. Additionally, you will find these thousands of sermons insightful and helpful. They have ministered to many people. Many of the sermons have videos and audio.

Also, nearly all have notes. Please use what you want.
I learned from many preachers and teachers and used what I gained from them to make my sermons better. Equally, I pray you can use my studies and make your sermons, messages, and teachings better.

2,000 free sermons

Moreover, I desire to leave a library of what I taught and studied over the years of my ministry. I could think of no better way of doing this than providing it free on the internet for as long as there is an internet.

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Ten Most Read, Listened to, and Viewed Sermons, Messages, and Teachings

2,000 free sermons

1 Handling Controlling Manipulative People

Handling Controlling Manipulative People (over 60,300 YouTube views) – (get the book for a reference). We are going to talk about Handling Controlling Manipulative People in this message. We find these people all throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Eve manipulated Adam. Sarah controlled Hagar and manipulated Abraham. Jacob manipulated Esau. Laban manipulated and controlled Jacob. Miriam and Aaron even tried to control and manipulate Moses.

Eli’s sons controlled and manipulated the people of God. Delilah manipulated Samson. That’s a good one. You remember the story. Delilah trying to manipulate Samson into telling her the secret of his strength so she could turn him over to his enemies.

2 When Jesus Gets In Your Boat

When Jesus Gets In Your Boat (12,300 YouTube views) Have you ever had a life-changing experience where you look back and say, “That changed my life!”? The experience not only changed how you lived, but it changed why you would die. In this sermon, I show how Simon, James, and John have such an experience in this week’s Luke study. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE CHAPTER 5 by Pastor Delbert Young

When Jesus Gets In Your Boat (Luke 5:1-11) When Jesus Gets In Your Boat video audio notes (Luke 5:1-11) Audio Scriptures: Luke 5:1-3; Luke 12:1; John 5:24; Luke 5:4; John 1:41; Matthew 4:18-19; Luke 5:4-11.


2,000 free sermons

3 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, and Adultery

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, and Adultery (6,400 YouTube views). Jesus made many shocking statements. The reason we continue to listen to him is we’ve learned within his shocking statements that there are shocking truths with the ability to shock our hearts and restore our lives. They radically change our lives, our families, and our society.

This is one of those statements. This is the most controversial message I preached.  THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE CHAPTER 16 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, and Adultery (Luke 16:18) By Pastor Delbert Young Audio Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, and Adultery – Luke 16:18 Scriptures: Luke 16:18, Matthew 19:10, Matthew 5:27-34, Matthew 19:3, Matthew 19:4

4 Gossip and the Sick Mind

Gossip and the Sick Mind – (11,400 YouTube views to date) Romans 1:28-30 teaches there is something wrong with the mind of people who gossip and slander. They have depraved minds. The King James’ version says reprobate minds. We don’t think in those terms because we do not want to think our own minds are depraved.

In this sermon, I talk about how people don’t think it, but gossip and slander are depravities. We are talking about LOCKING AND UNLOCKING THE TONGUE. My goal today is to try to help us all. I will try to do it by shaking us, not by making us shout and feel good. I want to remind you it was you who requested this study. So, do not get upset with me. I’m only the mailman. I am simply bringing you the word. I want to talk about

2,000 free sermons

5 Expect God’s Favor

Expect God’s Favor (3,800 YouTube views) – In this message, I talk about how if you were literally spending a day with Jesus, you would expect some special things to happen. Certainly, you wouldn’t fear anything. By all means, you would expect God’s favor. When you are walking with Jesus you’d expect to receive preferential treatment. Expect God’s favor and walk in it by declaring it.

When you pray, pray the favor of God upon your life. Let us begin with an explanation of what I mean by “God’s Favor.” God’s Favor is when God causes people to desire to become problem solvers in your life, and they do – divine connections. God’s Favor is when unexpected

2,000 free sermons

6 Handling Critical People

Handling Critical People. (6,100 YouTube views) Handling critical people is not difficult when we realize people will criticize us. In this sermon, we discuss the need to realize everyone does not feel critical about you. We must listen to wise criticism. Dismiss foolish criticism. Evaluate a critical person’s mental and physical state. By doing this, you will position yourself among the wise.

The first thing to realize is people are going to criticize us no matter who we are or what we do. It was Abraham Lincoln who said while being criticized, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the

7 Handling Overly Needy People

Handling Overly Needy People (4,300 YouTube views). Overly needy people will literally suck the life and resources out of us. They drain us emotionally and fill us with guilt if we allow them. If we do not set boundaries, we will be contributing over and over and again and again to their addictions. Christians should be incredibly generous.

Here at Life Gate, we do a good job giving help to needy people. We have our alms account specifically set up to help, but I must admit how often we give to the “OVERLY NEEDY” and not those in need. What I mean by OVERLY NEEDY PEOPLE is people

2,000 free sermons

8 What IS the Kingdom of God Like

(Over 3,100 YouTube views) Jesus, now teaching, began by asking a question. If I asked you, “What is the kingdom of God like?” how would you reply? Would you think heaven? That’s what most Christians would say. Certainly, if you’re not a Christian believer, you would think of heaven, but Jesus isn’t talking about heaven. The kingdom of God is not heaven.

What would you compare the kingdom of God to? In this sermon, I show how Jesus is about to give his own description and comparison of the kingdom of God, and it is impossible to understand the kingdom of God, what it is, and how it works unless we understand these principles.

9 Favor in the Middle of Trouble

Favor in the Middle of Trouble (Over 2,600 YouTube views. Also see Expect God’s Favor sermon video) – Job 10:12 THOU HAST GRANTED ME LIFE AND FAVOR, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit. Job said he didn’t understand why this was going on and could not understand why trouble happened to him, but one thing he did know. Job knew divine favor was coming to him. Favor was on its way.

Job spoke God’s favor in the middle of his mess. No wonder God’s favor restored double. In this message, we are talking about the favor of God and saw the more favor minded we are, the more of God’s favor we receive. It’s because we are

2,000 free sermons

10 Shepherds First

(Over 2,600 YouTube views) Why Shepherds First – Have you ever thought, “Why shepherds were invited first to see the Christ child?” There were many people in Bethlehem. Why go out of town to announce Christ’s (Messiah) – Immanuel’s – birth to shepherds? If you were going out of town anyway, why not tell Caesar Augustus or Quirinius? Why shepherds first?

Here’s why. Jesus didn’t come to the rich and famous, the powerful and popular. Nor did he come to the monks and Pharisees who refuse to touch the dung of life. Jesus DID come to the stables and dung of life. He spent his time with the lowest

2,000 free sermons

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