Father’s Day Sermons Page: Powerful Messages for Dads

Father’s Day Sermons Page audios videos notes. Fourteen Father’s Day messages. The scriptures teach about great fathers, good fathers, and bad fathers. We covered some of the important topics in this Father’s Day Sermons Page. Dads are to give of themselves, be heroes to their children, bless their children with irrevocable blessings, and much more.

Father’s Day Sermons Page

By Delbert Young

Fathers Day Sermons Page

Father’s Day Sermons Page

Adam’s Rib – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

Why did God use one of Adam’s bones? Why not a piece of Adam’s heart, or a piece of his brain? The rib bone is special. It’s the only bone in the human body capable of regenerating itself. Adam’s woman/wife, Adam’s children, Adam’s family, and Adam’s posterity were created from a special place within Adam – Adam’s rib.

Small Room – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

Taken from the story of Elisha raising the woman’s son to life in a small room. Fathers need a confined space – a small room – where they can connect with their children in a spiritual and prophetic way to help direct and raise the child to true life.

Irrevocable Blessing with Polished Words – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

“Isaac began to tremble uncontrollably and said, …I BLESSED HIM WITH AN IRREVOCABLE BLESSING.” Fathers, there is an irrevocable power in your words. It can’t be undone. A supernatural power is released for your children when you declare and pronounce a blessing with polished words. It cannot be changed. It cannot be undone.

Dads do make a Difference – Father’s Day Sermon notes

There is nothing much more important in life than the impartation that parents place into their children. Deep values of life are permanently deposited into a person from their parents. The study mentioned previously concentrated on a child’s learning ability, self-esteem, and overall happiness in relation to having a dad. Dads do make a difference.

Faith, Fear, and Family – Father’s Day sermon notes

A father has a tremendous responsibility when it comes to the life of his family. A father’s responsibility is more than to provide food and pay bills. The true responsibility of a father is to provide a place – a home – that will protect and preserve his family. The home is a refuge not only for the man but for all in the family. It’s a sanctuary. The father becomes a provider of salvation for the family and a preserver of the continuation of the family.

Are My Children Saved Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

Bad fathers unintentionally cause bad things to happen to their children. Sadly and unknowingly, this could be for three or four generations! How horrible it would be for a man to seem successful by the world, but his children be damned for hell. That’s not success at all. A question every man should ask is, “Are my children saved?” We take a look at how to know if Dad was and is being successful.

Breaking or Blessing a Father’s Heart Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

There is this attitude the prodigal had about getting away from his father. The boy was saying, ‘I don’t need you.’ He took his journey into a far country. It breaks a dad’s heart when his children don’t want to be with him, be around him, and don’t need him. Many things break and bless a father’s heart. Let’s look at several.

Call Your Husband – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

Father’s Day is a tough day for some of us. Not only those who lost their Fathers through death suffered. There are some of us who suffer because our Fathers live, and yet remain dead to us. While I try to focus on the positive aspects of Father’s Day, it is difficult to do this when I have a Father living less than 10 miles away who may as well be millions away. Father’s Day causes a sense of dread to well up in me. I dread going to see my natural Father… Husband, don’t let this be you.

Circumcise, Hill of the Foreskins – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

I was in a series from the Book of Joshua and then it was Father’s Day. It was the 5th chapter. Joshua, by God’s order, was to tell the men to circumcise again the children of God. What an amazing thought for fathers and fatherhood. Often we need to circumcise again ourselves and our children.

A Number 10 Father – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

I want to share 10 vital lessons a father should teach his children. If applied, you sir will be A Number 10 FATHER. If a child learns from dad these ten things, they will be a blessing to you, and society, and they will be blessed by God. Since Proverbs was written by a father to teach his children wisdom, I’ll use Proverbs to prove these 10 lessons.

What Is The Greatest Gift A Father Can Give His Child – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

Any idea what The Greatest Gift A Father Can Give His Child is? What do you think this gift is? Likely you might say to lead his child to salvation, or love, or maybe spend time with his child, or leave an inheritance for his child, etc. No. Actually, it’s none of those. What is it?

This Is How A Man Is Happy – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

How happy should a man be? Dad, how happy should you be? Do you deserve happiness or just want happiness? We earn long-term extreme happiness. It does not just happen. Dad, the Bible says if your home is not extremely happy and a place of happiness, then something is wrong. There is some knowledge lacking or perhaps rejected.

Teach Your Child 10 Wisdoms – Father’s Day sermon video audio notes

It’s a father’s responsibility to give his children wisdom. If a child conducts their life according to these ten wisdoms they will be a blessing to their father, a blessing to their mother, a blessing to their society and following generations, and will be blessed by God.

Abraham Commanded His Children Audio 

He not only commanded his children. He also commanded his household after him. We live in a time when households and children are disasters. If we simply look at the generation taught to “spank” or discipline their children according to Scriptures versus the generation taught to simply give their children a “time out” as discipline, we will see a tremendous difference. How we discipline our children determines the parent’s and household’s blessings.

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