Tough Questions Straight Up sermon series

Tough Questions Straight Up – sermon series video audio notes. Tough Questions Straight Up – is about addressing social issues by using what God says. It’s not sugar coated. The Lord is straight up so is this series and it’s very serious stuff.


By Delbert Young

Tough questions straight up

Tough Questions Straight Up – sermon series video audio notes

Same Sex Relationships – sermon video audio notes

Off the top I will ask you, “Does God love a homosexual person?” Then where must we stand as sons and daughters of God toward the homosexual person? I am going to be very sensitive to this subject. I am well aware most of us have loved ones who are involved in a same sex relationship, or struggle in this area. Some here may struggle with the issue, but this I know, ALL of us have opinions. What I want to do today is see what God has to say about the subject. Are Same Sex Relationships The Same?

Bad Things Happen to Good People – sermon video audio notes

Let’s say it STRAIGHT UP: If God is good all the time then why do bad things ever happen? If God loves people then why does God allow bad things to happen to people? If God is all powerful and he loves people then why doesn’t he stop bad things from happening to them?

Do All Religions Lead to God? – sermon video audio notes

We live in a time when it’s cool to be broadminded, politically correct, and tolerant. We are not only told all religions and beliefs are equally true and all lead to God, but we are expected to accept this as truth. Amazingly we are told truth is relative to what a person believes. The term is “pluralism” meaning the acceptance and approval of various religions and beliefs. It’s a “You’re ok, I’m ok” thinking. The assumption is God would be arrogant and narrow minded to insist on one way to get to him.

If you think that way, you are a bigot and intellectually inferior. Also, today people don’t need religion. They can make their own way to God if they are good, sincere, and determined. So, my way to God is just as good as your way. I can “pick and choose.” Whatever I choose is just fine and will take me to my destination. That’s pluralism.

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