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is a four part sermon series of sermons dealing with the inward baggage we all carry and acquire over life. For some, there is the baggage of addictions. For some there is the baggage of depression. For some there is the baggage of divorce. For some there is the baggage of emotional damage. Nearly all have emotional baggage weighing us down. How do we dump the baggage?


by Delbert Young


Baggage Dump sermon notes audio

Baggage Dump sermon video

Baggage of Addictions sermon notes audio

Baggage of Addictions sermon video

Baggage of Depression sermon notes audio

Baggage of Depression sermon video

Emotional Baggage sermon notes audio

Emotional Baggage sermon video

Baggage Dump – David didn’t talk about a physical wound. He talked about something just as serious and just as crippling. People wound us with words and actions in the process of life. It’s baggage. We become a baggage dump. Most people carry this baggage dumb in their hearts their entire lives. I know people with wounded pain filled hearts. So do you. Many of you carry wounded hearts right now. It is not unusual. Even King David, the man after God’s own heart, anointed of God, and leader of a nation carried a wounded heart full of pain. It was baggage. The baggage dump affects our lives. The baggage dump will cause addictions, emotional problems, depression, blind us to reality, stop us from getting help, and cause us to hurt others. A baggage dump will cause more baggage that slows us down and even stops our life. Many people never experience a great life because they are now a baggage dump. Baggage Everybody Has Some

Baggage of Addictions – When you offer yourself to God, you are also offering your Baggage of Addictions. When we come to Christ, we come with all of our baggage. Is that correct, or do we clean up first? No, we can’t clean up on our own. We come and give it all to him allowing him to begin dealing with it. We give it, take our hands off it, and allow him to deal with it. Baggage Everybody Has Some

Baggage of Depression – You might be saying, Man, this will be a good lesson because I know this person and they need to hear this. The truth is a time will come when the baggage of depression will get you if it has not already. I never thought I would experience depression. I even thought it was unnecessary for a person to put up with depression. I thought this way until I woke up one day in the cave of depression carrying the Baggage of Depression. Some of you are depressed this very minute and it has been this way for a long time. So, how can you dump the baggage of depression? Baggage Everybody Has Some

Emotional Baggage – Once bruised, emotions become tender and sensitive. We walk through life picking up emotional ‘bruisings’ – a scratch here, a chip there, and maybe a crack or two. You have said, ‘You hurt my feelings.’ Words and actions by others frequently bruise your emotions. However, sometimes the words and actions of others are like hammers literally smashing your emotions. Then emotions are like pointed and jagged sharp edges piercing and cutting your soul. Has anyone ever said to you, ‘You are emotional?’ For some sick reason, we internalize those emotional times. It hurts every time we think about the event. We handle the emotional scratches and chips okay, but smashed emotions can be devastating to your life. Baggage Everybody Has Some

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