Deceitfulness of Riches sermon video

Deceitfulness of Riches sermon video. Jesus spoke of people who actually received the word of God like you and me. They knew the word, but the deceitfulness of riches literally choked the spiritual life out of them. Their lives became worthless, unproductive. Riches promise things they cannot deliver. Riches promise happiness. Riches promise security. Riches promise satisfaction. Riches promise peace and joy, but riches cannot give those things. Only God can give those things. There’s a deceitfulness of riches

How to BE RICH

Deceitfulness of Riches sermon video

by Delbert Young

Sermon Notes


Deceitfulness of Riches

Scriptures: Timothy 6:17-19; Matthew 6:24; 1 Timothy 6:10; Ecclesiastes 5:10; Proverbs 18:11;
Proverbs 15:16; 2 Corinthians 8:2-3

Every year on vacation, Bonnie, our daughter, and her two sons, Jack and Max come to Florida to see us. One day while they are there, we give them money and take them to an arcade. It’s one where you play all these different arcade games and win tickets. There are all these wonderful things displayed all over a wall you can acquire if you have enough tickets. Acquiring tickets becomes the goal of life. Tickets become the answer to everything and it is all about acquiring tickets because you get what you want if you have enough tickets. The boys go nuts, but they are not the only ones. (Watch)

It was amazing to watch their Mother, Grandmother, and an Aunt, who went with us, caught up in getting tickets. They shoved money into the token machine and tickets pumped out everywhere. About $200 later, we trade in our tickets to get those wonderful things that would change our lives and satisfy us all forever.

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