Book Of Matthew Study Audio

Book Of Matthew Study who was once a hated tax collector converted to a devoted follower then apostle of Jesus Christ. This apostle wrote his writing to the Jews. It’s filled with Jewish customs and teaching about the Kingdom of God.

Book Of Matthew Study Audio

Book Of Matthew Study Audio

Message Titles

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Matthew 24-31-35 Audio

26:1-13 Sovereignty Of God Jesus Anointed For Death Audio

Matthew 26:13-30 Judas Betrayal – Passover Audio

Matthew 26-31-46 Gethsemane Audio

26:69-75 – 27:1-10 Peter Denied Jesus Judas Hung Himself Audio

Matthew 27:11-26 Jesus Before Pilate Audio

Matthew 27:26-31 Mockery Scourging Of Jesus Audio

27:28-66 Crucifixion Audio

Matthew 26:47-68 Betrayal of Jesus Audio

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Some Book Of Matthew Study Message Descriptions

Matthew 24-31-35 –

The gathering together of the elect by the angels of God. An angel is simply a messenger of God. I’m a messenger of God. You should be a messenger of God. Does this make us angels? We are sent to gather God’s people. That’s what angels do.

Matthew 27:11-26 Jesus Before Pilate –

Israel rejected Jesus. If you don’t know this you will not understand much if not most of the Scriptures/Bible. At least five times Pilate attempted to escape judging Jesus. Pilate feared Caesar. Caesar wanted peace in his empire and when any governor didn’t maintain peace the governor was punished.

Matthew 26-1-13-

Sovereignty Of God Jesus Anointed For Death Audio – It does not matter what man plans if it conflicts with God’s plans. Jesus was anointed for death when Mary poured her most precious possession on her Lord. We can know what a person’s Lord is by observing what they pour themselves on.

Matthew 26:13-30 –

Did Judas make a covenant with Antichrist? Jesus fulfilled and ended the Passover. He is the Lamb of God. We now have the table of the Lord. Jesus was in full control of His crucifixion. Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. Judas knew Jesus knew Judas would betray Jesus.

Matthew 26-31-46 –

Gethsemane Audio- Have you ever been to a good meeting and promised the Lord you were going to do better from here on, but only to find in a short time you failed the Lord again? What brings us to the place we never fail the Lord? The disciples of Jesus acquired that place. They literally laid down their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. Gethsemane – do I have “Gethsemanes”? What is my Gethsemane? Who do I battle in Gethsemane, the devil or myself? What do I do in Gethsemane, pray or sleep? Judas came with a kiss. Have you had a Judas? Have you been a Judas? Who really smote the Lord? Was it the devil, Rome, the Jews, or someone else?

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