Book Of Matthew Study who was once a hated tax collector converted to a devoted follower then apostle of Jesus Christ. This apostle wrote his writing to the Jews. It’s filled with Jewish customs and teaching about the Kingdom of God.

Book Of Matthew Study Audio

Book Of Matthew Study Audio

Message Titles

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Matthew 24-31-35 Audio

Matthew 27:11-26 Jesus Before Pilate Audio

Matthew 26-1-13 Sovereignty Of God Jesus Anointed For Death Audio

Matthew 26:13-30 Judas Betrayal – Passover Audio

Matthew 26-31-46 Gethsemane Audio

Matthew 26:69-75 – 27:1-10 Peter Denied Jesus Judas Hung Himself Audio

Matthew 27:26-31 Mockery Scourging Of Jesus Audio

Matthew 27:28-66 Crucifixion Audio

Matthew 26:47-68 Betrayal of Jesus Audio

(More to come)


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