Cast Your Net sermon video audio

Cast Your Net sermon video audio. The Lord said, Cast your net on the right side. He didn’t say get a new net. He didn’t say get a new boat. He didn’t say get a new place to cast. He simply said make adjustments in the direction. All manner of fish will be brought in. All manner of people can be caught if we will adjust our cast.

Cast Your Net

By Delbert Young

Cast Your Net

From The Net parable series:

Fishing in this form was something all were aware as with the soils, the tares/weeds, mustard seed, leaven, the treasure, and the pearl. Fishing was a huge enterprise and way of life. Some of the disciples did this for their life’s income. There were/are three basic ways to fish. There is the line and hook, which we associate with relaxing and fun, catching fish one at a time (Mat 17:27). There was casting a net (Mat 4:18). This is a circular net. On the outer perimeter of the net are weights. The net is gathered together in a certain manner so it can be spun out making a circular net trap sinking down around fish. A rope attached sacks the net capturing everything inside the diameter of the net. I’m very efficient at those two fishing skills.

 However the net in this parable is sagene meaning a “seine” for fishing. It’s a seine net or a troll/drag net. It’s a large net meaning from a half mile to a mile of area. It required a large boat to simply carry the net. One end is attached to the shore or another boat. As the boat(s) pulled away from the first end, a combination of floats on the top and weights on the bottom caused the net to hang perpendicular moving through the sea like a vertical wall from the floor to the surface. The boat(s) moves in a large circle releasing the massive net. (This is not the net used in this message.)Also see:

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