Discovering the New Covenant Through The Cross

Through The Cross Audio. We have not come to a natural mountain where Moses received the Law and Commandments. We have come to Mount Zion and a better covenant. We’ve come to the New Jerusalem, and to just men made perfect. We’ve already come to a lot we are taught we will go to one …

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Nailing It To His Cross: A New Life Offered

Nailing It To His Cross: A New Life Offered Audio. Jesus not only did away with sin, he did away with, i.e. crucified the thing accusing you of sin. There was a great exchange. We are able to exchange our old lives for a new life. Also, He set up a maintenance program for our …

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Why Did Jesus Cry Out ‘Why?’ – Audio Video Notes

Why Did Jesus Cry Out ‘Why?’ – Audio Video Notes. There are so many questions in life that do not have clear answers. Why is there so much pain in this world? Why is there so much divorce, and why is there so much abuse? Sadly why do so many good people die young? I …

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You Would Die Friday: Finding Meaning in the Final Days

What if you knew you would die Friday

What if You Knew You Would Die Friday at 3 o’clock notes. What if you knew that you had less than one week to live? How would you act? What if this was your last Sunday? Would you do anything differently? What if You Knew You would Die Friday at 3 o’clock? PALM SUNDAY By …

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Discover the Truth About This Man Jesus – Palm Sunday

This Man

This Man audio video notes. They all had a problem saying the name of THIS MAN. There is something about saying the name Jesus. They projected THIS MAN as incidental, insignificant, an imposter, unimportant, and scum. Though Jesus changed lives and families, delivered people from bondages, healed multitudes, and taught mercy, love, and kindness, he …

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The Thorn: Jesus’ Death and the Ultimate Sacrifice

The Thorn audio video notes

The Thorn audio video notes. I was, and sometimes still am, the thorn to Jesus, but Jesus said he wouldn’t cast me away. He’d bear me. I’m The Thorn in his crown. You are The Thorn in his crown. Jesus went all the way back to your very first sin and carried it on his …

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Remember Me This Way: The Significance of Communion

Remember Me This Way

Remember Me This Way audio video notes. Jesus chose Communion as his memorial. Of all the ways he could have to remember him, the one way he said to remember him is with Communion. Jesus said REMEMBER ME THIS WAY. Some call it “The Eucharist,” which means gratefulness and thanksgiving. Some reference it as “The …

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Cross Proofed: Unveiling the Truth About Crucifixion

Cross Proofed audio video notes

Cross Proofed audio video notes. Nothing in human history was as cruel, painful, humiliating, and showed the degradation of humanity as execution performed crucifixion style. At the same time, nothing in human history ever accomplished as much as the execution performed crucifixion style on Jesus of Nazareth. We’ve all heard about it, but did it …

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Unraveling the Secrets of Palm Sunday: Blood and Mysteries Revealed

Blood and Mysteries of Palm Sunday

Blood and Mysteries of Palm Sunday audio video notes. Jesus tore apart everything separating you from God. His blood took away the mysteries and darkness of our accessing God. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. However, you can come boldly unto the throne of grace, so you may obtain …

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I see Grace part 1: The Significance of Palm Sunday

I see Grace part 1

I see Grace part 1 audio video notes. I don’t see laws, regulations, animal sacrifices, temple worship; etc. so God will tolerate me. All this ended the night of the last Passover and first Communion. You and I live in the dispensation -administration – of the GRACE of God. The body of Jesus Christ, the …

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