Power of Invitation Evangelism sermon video

Power of Invitation Evangelism – sermon video audio notes – Most of us have used the invitation evangelism style along our journey. Nothing energizes us more than getting someone to come to church with us. Did we use the invitation to share what Jesus had done for us? We were probably so excited someone was coming we didn’t share our testimony. It was the testimony of the woman at the well making her invitation powerful.

Power of Invitation Evangelism sermon video

Seven Personalities of Evangelism

Sermon notes

The Power of Invitation Evangelism

Scriptures: John 4:4-9, Luke 9:55-56, Galatians 3:27-28, John 4:16-38, Acts 1:8

In today’s lesson we will talk about the “Invitation Evangelism” style. However, most of the lesson is an opportunity to observe Jesus as he operated evangelistically. We always learn something when we observe Jesus. I believe it will be a fun lesson, but a challenging lesson.

John 4:4 Now he had to go through Samaria. Jesus was traveling from Judaea to Galilee. The Bible says that Jesus was leaving Judaea to go back to Galilee. He needed to go through Samaria to do this. King James says “he must needs go through Samaria” (Joh 4:4). Perhaps we have heard a preacher talk as though Jesus was divinely compelled to go through Samaria. The original text doesn’t say that. It was simply that to get from point A to point C, he needed to go through point B. Jesus simply needed to go through Samaria to get to Galilee. It was the normal route. Jesus passed through Samaria frequently (Luk 9:52; 17:11; John 4). So much so that he told a parable about the journey (Luk 10:33). (continue sermon notes)

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