Power of Serving Evangelism – sermon video audio notes – Power of Serving Evangelism video. I hear of food being made and delivered to the sick. I hear of people cleaning houses and fixing cars and hauling furniture. Sometimes I am amazed and ask, ‘Why do they do this?’ I have the answer. I want you to know serving is an evangelistic power given you by the Holy Spirit and resident in you. You love to serve. Serving is your witness for Jesus.

Power of Serving Evangelism video

Sermon notes

The Power of Serving Evangelism

Scriptures: Acts 1:8, Acts 9:36-42

Nothing to be done in a true spiritual life can be done in a hurry. Today’s lesson is a wonderful example of how things cannot be done in a hurry when it comes to reaching people for Jesus. Serving people takes time and is a part of true spiritual life. That is what we will look at today.

…named Tabitha (which, when translated, is Dorcas)  – We are given a wonderful story about a woman named Tabitha. I noticed that Luke, the writer of the book of Acts, placed a special emphasis on her name. He translated her name from Aramaic (Tabitha) to Greek (Dorcas). There is something about her name that he wanted his readers to be aware. As we know, names mean much and names are of God. So, I looked up “Tabitha”and I looked up “Dorcas.”

Tabitha – 5000 Tabitha {tab-ee-thah’}

of Aramaic origin cf 06646

Tabitha = “female gazelle”

I found that they mean “female gazelle” which wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to find. It took me a minute and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I began to see what was being accentuated. A gazelle is actually an antelope. They are very beautiful and graceful animals. The thought that Luke gives is that of a woman who was very graceful, very beautiful, and very fast. We have a picture of Tabitha  (continue sermon notes)

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