Power of Testimonial Evangelism sermon video

Power of Testimonial Evangelism sermon video. The testimonial style evangelist has realized God took a life that was blind and begging and made it abundant. The power of the testimonial evangelism style is God took a person’s imperfections, even what some would consider God’s judgments, and displayed God’s marvelous works. God has used the bad, the negative, the failures, the ugly, and the broken to show how he can transform a life through Jesus.

Power of Testimonial Evangelism sermon video

Sermon notes

Power of Testimonial Evangelism sermon video

Scriptures: John 9:1-15, John 9:25, John 9:34, John 12:42, Acts 15:5,
Mark 4:26-29, John 9:35, 1 Corinthians 9:23, Acts 1:8

Today’s lesson is about the testimonial style. This is my power style. I use all styles, but when I can get someone to let me tell them how Jesus has changed my life, they usually come into the kingdom shortly after. It is a power in my life. I have confidence and boldness with this style. This is my “fearless” style. I seek for an opportunity to use this style.

One day Jesus and his disciples were walking through downtown Jerusalem. As they walked, they saw a blind man who had been blind from birth (Joh 9:1). He was begging (Joh 9:8). His disciples asked a “religious” question. The question stemmed from the teaching that God punishes people that sin by doing horrible things to them. In this case, the question was if God was punishing the parents for sinning by giving them a blind child or was he punishing the blind man for sinning by cursing him with blindness. Have you ever heard something like that? Or, have you perhaps suspected God had done that to you or someone you know? If so, make certain we hear the answer given by Jesus. (continue sermon notes)

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