Circles are Better than Rows pt 1 sermon video. What I specifically mean is connect in one of our small groups. Here’s what you need to understand. Small groups are the essence of the Christian experience. I heard it said this way, “Circles are better than rows.” What does that mean? The ESSENCE of the Christian experience is circling up connected, not sitting in rows looking at me. It’s better to look at one another in a circle than in a row looking at me.

by Pastor Delbert Young

Connect – Small Groups

Circles are Better than Rows pt 1 sermon video

Sermon notes


Circles are Better than Rows pt 1 sermon video

Scriptures: John 13:34-35, Acts 2:46-47, Acts 5:42-6:1, Acts 20:20

Usually this Sunday every year, I attempt to talk about what I’d like to see happen at our church during the year. Most of the time, very little of what I talk about happens, mostly because I forget what I talked about. But, this year we have a plan. It’s not only my plan. It’s our plan. I’ll be sharing more of the details as we solidify the plan.

However, the first part of the plan begins today. As you probably know, “church” in America is changing. In fact, “church” around the planet is changing. Surveys show people have a greater interest in spiritual things than ever. However, they are less interested in traditional church than ever. Is that a bad thing? To me it’s a good thing. This is why I was born. To me, this is why Life Gate exists. This should be our finest hour.

Over the next few weeks, I want to talk to you about “What Can You Do?” to help take advantage of the hour and what God is doing. Let me tell you why it’s so important. (1) There are some things we need to do as a church to have the church environment we enjoy. We must do certain things if we – you and I – get something out of church… (continue sermon notes)

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