Hope For Tomorrow Communion sermon video

Hope For Tomorrow Communion sermon video. Our Lord would be arrested, executed by crucifixion, and buried. It would seem everything they thought and dreamed happening concerning all Jesus told them and the kingdom coming was only a dream. However, through communion, Jesus planted hope for tomorrow deep within them and hope would shortly come alive. Our hope is alive.

Hope For Tomorrow Communion sermon video

by Delbert Young

Sermon notes

Hope For Tomorrow Communion sermon video

Scriptures: Romans 15:13; Luke 22:14-20

A dad was late to his son’s little league baseball game. Upon arriving he ran to the dugout and asked his son the score. The boy said, “Eighteen to nothing. They’re winning.” The father shaking his head said, “Well. Don’t be discouraged.” “Why should I be discouraged?” the son answered. “We haven’t gotten to bat yet!”

I feel like that’s been this year for many of us. It’s been a crazy depressing year for Judy and me. Judy’s older sister died among other family issues. My younger sister died. Many of you have gone through all sorts of serious issues concerning your health, your families, and your finances. I want to tell you it may seem it’s eighteen to nothing, but we haven’t batted yet. We will win. There’s still hope.

Judy and I are hoping the changing of the year will somehow help change the score. We’re hoping next year we’ll get to bat and everything will be better for all. I don’t know if the changing of the year has anything to do with changing how life rolls out, but I do know God has everything to do with how life rolls out. We serve the God of hope, so we’re putting our trust in God. (continue sermon notes)


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