The Beautiful And The Intelligent sermon video. Daniel would not have gotten in this trouble had he not been beautiful and intelligent. We would not have the book of Daniel to draw truths from had Daniel been ugly and ignorant. Everyone has trouble. Ugly people have trouble and ignorant people have trouble. However, beautiful and intelligent have trouble that modifies society. Because Daniel was beautiful and intelligent he was able to speak into the lives of kings and rulers.

By Delbert Young

The Beautiful And The Intelligent sermon video

Sermon notes

The Beautiful And The Intelligent sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 5:13, Daniel 1:1-2, Daniel 1:4

The first principle of trouble I want to discuss is trouble self-inflicted verses trouble that comes upon me. For example, a hurricane is trouble that comes upon me. Not listening to God, his ministry, and counsel bring self-inflicted trouble. I have learned that most of the trouble I have experienced in my life would come under the “self-inflicted” heading. A child in disobedience finds trouble. So it is with us. When we are disobedient to the Father, trouble comes. The harmful part of this trouble is that it often affects others. The entire nation was placed in trouble because of Jehoiakim’s disobedience. Daniel was placed into trouble because of Jehoiakim’s disobedience.

My decisions and actions in life affect others. They affect some people more than others, but they influence someone’s life. My trouble becomes my wife’s trouble and my children’s trouble and the trouble of those close to me. My trouble affects their lives. Daniel was made a eunuch and spent his life in captivity because of Jehoiakim decisions. We must learn to meditate long and hard on decisions. We should ask, “What trouble can come from this?” Some decisions cause irrevocable trouble for ourselves and others. (continue sermon notes)

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