These are characters we DO NOT WANT TO BE LIKE, nor do we want to be around people like them. Each was their own demise. If you are like them and do not correct, their character will be your demise as well.

Don’t Be Like sermon series

Don't Be Like

Don’t Be Like sermon series

Don’t Be Like Absalom – sermon video audio notes

Don’t Be Like Absalom sermon video

Don’t Be Like Jezebel – sermon notes

Don’t Be Like Saul – video audio notes

Don’t Be Like Saul video

Don’t Be Like Absalom – The Bible says, Absalom stole the hearts of people. He didn’t earn their hearts or win their hearts. He stole their hearts. He began projecting leadership as incompetent. He was saying, ‘The king is not doing his job. Here is what he ought to be doing.’ DON’T BE LIKE ABSALOM. He openly, negatively criticized God given authority. It was not the king or authority who was not doing their job. It was he had hidden agendas, hidden bitterness, and hidden hatred against all authority. His sister had been raped.

Don’t Be Like Jezebel – Let’s talk about DON’T BE LIKE JEZEBEL. Often when anyone in a church, especially a woman, gets on the wrong side of someone, they label that person “JEZEBEL.”  It is worse than cussing her.

Don’t Be Like Saul – Saul began well, but ended so badly. I want to finish my life well. How about you? I do not want to come to my end grieving the Lord, his presence removed from me, and having nothing. What happened to Saul? Can an individual be chosen of God, anointed, have the Spirit of God, and do great things for God, yet God’s Spirit leave him/her, and end up being tormented by an evil spirit and lose everything, even his/her children and future generations? Oh yes!

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