Easter Nonsense sermon video. To many the resurrection sounds even more like NONSENSE two thousand years later. Have supernatural things like the resurrection and angels ever seemed like NONSENSE to you? Do you know people who say it seems like NONSENSE to them? Atheists say it’s a myth and NONSENSE. These things probably have seemed like NONSENSE to all of us to some degree. Are they? Is there a supernatural world around us, or is it all just NONSENSE? What do you think?


By Delbert Young

Easter Nonsense sermon video

Sermon notes


Easter Nonsense sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 24:1-11, Luke 24:13-16, Luke 24:17-24, Luke 24:25-27, Luke 24:28-32

It’s Resurrection Sunday! Welcome! The Lord has RISEN! We Christians believe some strange things and the most strange is God became a man, died a horrible death, was dead three days, but then he came back to life, and went to heaven. Do you believe this? Or, does it sound like NONSENSE?

I want to begin today by asking a question. Have you ever deeply and seriously planned and anticipated on something extremely important to you, but it didn’t happen? You poured yourself into it. You invested into it but your plans collapsed. How did you feel? If like me, you felt disappointed, depressed, confused, complained, let down, sad, deceived, pointed blame, perhaps angry and wanted to hit something.

These were the feelings and emotions of thousands on the original Resurrection morning in and around Jerusalem. Thousands were convinced Jesus was the Messiah. They’d followed this man all over Galilee and Judah. They’d invested their time, money, belief, and lives into Jesus. The Jewish leaders said he wasn’t the Messiah. They arrested him and turned this man over to the Romans for execution. Many who believed in this man followed the death squad to the place of the skull (Luk 23:27, 33) hoping perhaps at the last minute this man would do something to show he was the Messiah, but he just died like anyone else… (continue sermon notes)

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