Empty Promises Easter sermon video. Have you ever wondered how the disciples felt about the promises Jesus made to them when Jesus died that day? They felt they received EMPTY PROMISES. However, Jesus does not give EMPTY PROMISES. He will come back from the dead to keep his promises. In fact, he FILLS EMPTINESS WITH PROMISE. We see this in the empty cross, empty tomb, and empty grave clothes.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Empty Promises Easter sermon video

Sermon notes


Empty Promises Easter sermon video

Scriptures: John 19:17-18, 34, Hebrews 10:8-9, 1 John 1:7-8, John 19:41-42, Romans 6:5, 1 Corinthians 15:55-57, John 19:40, John 20:5-8, John 20:8

EMPTY PROMISES… How long has it been since someone gave you an EMPTY PROMISE? Probably not long. It’s a political season. We are bombarded with promises, from no raise in taxes, to fixing the health care program. If you Google empty promises, the #1 search engine return is empty political promises. Your place of occupation maybe gave you empty advancement promises. Relationships often offer EMPTY PROMISES. Parents promise children things, but sometimes those promises are empty. Children promise parents and sometimes those promises are empty. There are empty promises in marriage. People promise faithfulness, love, honor, and to cherish each other until death do them part, but with the divorce rate at around 50%, how frequently are those only EMPTY PROMISES? Work gives you EMPTY PROMISES. People will give you EMPTY PROMISES. Politicians give you EMPTY PROMISES. How about EMPTY PROMISES you made to people and even to God. You promise God that you will pray more, but you find yourself too busy working, watching TV, or running here and there. You promise God that you will not be so impatient with those annoying people in your life, but find yourself a few days later yelling at one louder than ever before. Life is full of EMPTY PROMISES. (continue sermon notes)

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