Images of Easter sermon video. Easter has many images. We have Easter Lilies, Easter Eggs, Easter chicks, Easter Bunnies, Easter bonnets. We have the Christian Cross. We have the empty tomb. When you think of Easter, what image comes to your mind? As I thought about all the images of Easter, I began to see a common thread wove itself through all those images. THAT THREAD IS THE CELEBRATION OF LIFE.


By Delbert Young

Images of Easter sermon video

Sermon notes

Images of Easter

Scriptures: 1 Kings 14:23-24, John 10:10

We did a drama skit about the church going out and bringing to life those that were far from God – the destitute, the addict, abusers, the lost. I asked that it be done again for Easter. To me, that is the true meaning of Easter. Of course, Easter is about the resurrection of Christ, but if we stop there, we stop with an empty tomb. The emptiness of the tomb screams of life. Jesus didn’t only rise from the dead. He rose from the dead to offer you and me an abundant life now and eternal life when we pass from this life. Christ followers are raised to life and are to go out and bring life.

I want to talk today about the images of Easter. Before I perhaps cross a line of sensitivity and defense that some have, let me share with you my evolution as a Christ follower. Early in my Christian walk, I learned that much of what we do during the special times of Easter and Christmas has their roots in the ancient world and pagan festivals. That offended me and I began a one man vendetta. I don’t think I changed anything or anyone, but I did learn a lot. I went off the deep end… (continue sermon notes)

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