Faith to Take Risks part 2 sermon video. If we play it safe, we become stagnant. We become stagnant toward everything – occupation, marriage, family, and especially God. If we do not need to use/pull on our faith, we cannot grow in the way God wants us to grow. Life stagnates and if it stagnates long enough, it stinks.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Faith to Take Risks part 2 sermon video

Sermon notes


Faith to Take Risks part 2 sermon video

2 Timothy 1:7; Romans 8:28; Romans 12:2; Daniel 3:30; Joshua 3:3-4; Joshua 3:15-16; 1 Kings 17:3-4, 9; Esther 4:14, 16

God is always giving us opportunities to advance, but the enemy will never let you make progress without some type of opposition. Most people have a “play it safe” mentality. They are afraid the God-given opportunities will be too difficult, afraid to take RISK, afraid they might fail, so when God brings an opportunity across their path, instead of getting out of their comfort zone in FAITH, they shrink back in FEAR and end up staying, at best, right where they are. They never experience the new horizons God has for them.

Usually, when God gives us an opportunity we begin analyzing. We think about all the things that might happen. We list all the things that could go wrong. “God, I can’t begin that new business. What if no one buys from me?” “I can’t take that new position. I’m not qualified.” “I can’t give that talk. What if I forget what I am supposed to say?” On and on we talk ourselves out of it. If you are going to be the person God wants you to be and the person you want to be, you must have a pioneering spirit. You must learn to stretch and get into some un-chartered areas. Remember, no matter what you do new, you never know every step of the way. Faith is taking risks and having confidence in God Almighty to see you through. (continue sermon notes)

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