Interest ally or Enemy sermon video. The parable from Luke 19 where Jesus tells about the man who took what God had given him and did not increase it. He could have gained interest. Have you ever wondered how it is those who have get more and those that have less loose what they have? Does it seem fair to you? Today I hope we see a part of the answer. Handling money correctly will give us more. Handling money incorrectly will take what we do have and give it to someone else who has more.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Interest ally or Enemy sermon video

Sermon notes


Interest ally or Enemy sermon video

Scriptures: Proverbs 21:20, Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 22:7, Matthew 6:24

Interest! Is it our alley or enemy? Is it our friend or foe? I want to begin this lesson with a true story about my wife and me. We had only been married a few years. She was working at a finance company. The year was 1971. Her boss attempted to convince her to borrow $500 and buy Walmart stock. She told him that we could hardly pay our bills and buy groceries. She said I (her husband) would never agree to do that because we were struggling to survive. But what if we had done that? What if we had borrowed $500 and paid it back during that year, then bought $500 of Walmart stock with the $500 you borrowed, and never added another penny to it? How much would the $500 be worth today? I called my financial consultant at Edward Jones and asked him to figure it for me. He called the home office and they sent me a letter. How much do you think? Let’s make this interactive. On the screen are four choices. How many think it would be worth: (A) $12,243.50; (B) $91,243.50; (C) $291,243.50; or (D) $912,433.50? If you said, “(D) $912,433.50” you are smart. The most powerful thing about that is $911,933.50 is the interest earned… (continue sermon notes)

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