Five Prayers Of Confidence Series. The Scriptures tell us if we pray God’s will He will hear us and we can be confident He will answer our prayers. This series explores this thought and shows five prayers we can pray with confidence.

Five Prayers Of Confidence Series Audio

Five Prayers Of Confidence Series Audio

Know You Are Saved And Household

Healing Spirit Soul Body

Pray For Church With Confidence

Five Prayers Of Confidence Part 4

Pray For Our Nation Audio

Description Five Prayers Of Confidence Series

Know You Are Saved And Household Five Prayers Of Confidence.

Scriptures say, “if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.” However, it’s easier to prepare a 30 – 45 minute message and preach it than it is for a senior leader to get people to come and pray.

Jesus will not cast out anyone who comes to Him. God does the calling. Our part is to pray everyone comes to Jesus, the Son of Man. When we pray for people to be saved the Lord will save them.

You have covenant salvation for your family. You can decide your whole household will be saved.

Healing Spirit Soul Body Five Prayers Of Confidence Part 2.

The Scriptures say, “by His scourging we are healed.” There is a promise by God for our total healing – Spirit, Soul, and Body. When we pray for healing we can pray with confidence.

Pray For Church With Confidence. You can pray for the church with confidence. The church has the keys and the power to bind and to loose. When we get into agreement there is a power like none other. Jesus said He will build His church. His will is to build His church.

Pray For Our Nation.

We can pray for our nation with confidence. God hears us when we come together and pray for our nation. Our nation has never faced as much violence and crime as today. At the same time we have more churches, ministry, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries as today. What are we missing? We’re missing prayer.

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