What Is Really Important To Me sermon video. People who have an abundant life not only know what they want to do, they know why they want to do it. They have figured out what is really important – valuable – to them. You will never GET A LIFE until your core values support what you really want in life. Life’s simply pretend.

By Pastor Delbert Young

What Is Really Important To Me sermon video

Sermon notes

What Is Really Important To Me sermon video

Scriptures: John 10:10; 1 Timothy 4:8; Matthew 6:21; Mark 12:43

Kenney Chesney sings, “Don’t Blink. Life goes faster than you think.” The thought is don’t blink – don’t lose focus on what is really important. If you do, you will miss what is really important to you.

If you ever GET A LIFE, you must know what is really important to you. “Duh!” right? It sounds like a dumb statement, but many people do not know what really matters the most to them. They say they want success, i.e. a life, but the way they do life does not match what they say they want.

See if any of these areas relate to you:

You have great ideas about what you want to accomplish, but the way you live doesn’t get you there.

It doesn’t seem the people closest to you understand you very well.

You have a difficult time prioritizing how to spend your time and money.

You feel lost or overwhelmed by the shuffle of life.

You struggle with major decisions.

You wonder to yourself who you really are.

We all go through these areas some, but if any of these nail you for the majority of time, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. You do not know your personal core values – what is really important to you… (continue sermon notes)

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