Gifts Of The Spirit Series – these change our lives. This study is an in-depth study of each gift. It will give you more insight to the gifts than anyone you know. Our study is not only the manifestation of the gifts but to give understanding about the gifts. We will remove misunderstandings and establish Scriptural guidelines. What is the purpose of the gifts? Are the gifts necessary for today? How many gifts can a person have? What Scriptural evidences are the gifts are for today? How are the gifts to operate? The gifts of the Spirit are to develop people where the others can see Jesus.

Gifts Of The Spirit Series Audio

1 – Spiritual Senses Audio

2- Purpose Of Gifts Audio

3- Deluding Doctrines Audio

5- Have The Gifts Ceases Audio

6- How Are The Gifts To Operate 1 Audio

7- Oversight Ministry Audio

8- Governed By Love Audio

9- Flowing Is Yielding For Edification

10- Word Of Wisdom Audio

11- Word Of Knowledge Audio

12- Discerning Of Spirits Audio

Gifts Of The Spirit Series Audio

Gifts Of The Spirit Series Audio

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