Healed Without Scars sermon series videos audios notes

Healed Without Scars – Internal Healing – We all are inwardly and emotionally wounded by life. Emotional wounds leave heart scars. We hide them and mask them. God wants to heal not only the wounds, but remove the scars.

Healed Without Scars sermon series videos audios notes

by Delbert Young

Healed Without Scars

Healed Without Scars sermon series videos audios notes

Do Not Enter – sermon video audio notes

Do Not Enter sermon video emotional wounds

Who Is That Masked Man? – sermon video audio notes

Who Is That Masked Man sermon video

Cultivated Wounds – sermon video audio notes

Cultivated Wounds sermon video

Wounds and Faith – sermon video audio notes

Wounds and Faith sermon video

Let Go of the Past – sermon video audio notes

Let Go of the Past sermon video

Do Not Enter – Are there areas of your life where you have hung a Do Not Enter sign? There are two areas we hang the Do Not Enter sign. (1) You might talk about the area of your wounds and scars, but refuse to allow anyone in there to help. It’s off limits – ‘DO NOT ENTER!’ (2) You refuse to talk about it because of shame. You don’t want anyone to know your hidden secret(s), so you are never healed.

Who Is That Masked Man? – The Lone Ranger decided to go through life as a masked man and in nearly every episode someone asked, ‘WHO IS THAT MASKED MAN?” He’s the Lone Ranger! Was there anything the Lone Ranger could do with the mask that he could not do without the mask? The answer is yes – Hide his true identity. How many masks do we wear?

Cultivated Wounds – Have you seen a mother (or father) overlook their child’s negative tendencies and excuse those tendencies away rather than correct them? How about you? By doing this, Rebekah cultivated wounds in an undisciplined child and made an easy way for the many wounds and scars Jacob would experience in life.

Wounds and Faith – Wounds are painful times, but produce praise to God’s goodness and faith of God’s faithfulness as did Abraham. You didn’t learn true authentic praise, or learn God’s goodness and faithfulness in good times. You learned those facts after experiencing a bad time. Troubles cause tears, but bring triumph. Troubles, burdens, and wounds, when handled correctly, always lead us to a higher place in life and to higher faith in God. That’s why we are ‘appointed” for afflictions’.

Let Go of the Past – One of the greatest deterrents of progressing in the life God has for us is being anchored to the past. We must let go of the past to move forward. Unresolved issues such as past hurts, past wounds, past injustice, past bitterness, etc. anchor us to an endless past. You can’t change the past. It’s scrambled eggs. However, you must get free from the wrecks of the past if you want to be HEALED WITHOUT SCARS and go on to the wonderful places God has for you.

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