Jairus A Hero Father sermon video. A father is a hero when he realizes there are some things in life he can’t fix except he includes Jesus in those things. Jairus was not too stubborn, proud, or anti-Jesus to worship Jesus and plead/pray for his children no matter what his friends and religion said. That characteristic made Jairus supernatural and a hero. The mightiest men I know are men who found Jesus and made certain Jesus came to their homes to touch their children.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Jairus A Hero Father sermon video

Sermon notes


Jairus A Hero Father sermon video

Mark 5:22-24; Mark 5:35-37; Luke 8:52-53; Luke 8:54-56

A father in scriptures who faced a huge storm was Jairus. Jairus is a Hero of the Bible to me because he was a great father. I believe every father should be a hero. It was years and years ago. Lance, my son, was eight to ten years old. He had a school project. He was to mold an image of his hero. We thought he would do Superman. He made a sculptured bust with eyes, nose, and mouth. We asked him who it was and he said, “It’s Daddy. He’s my hero.” I still have that bust from over 30 years ago.

Jairus was a ruler at the local synagogue. We would say he was the senior pastor at a church in town. He was Jewish, believed in God, and surely heard all the buzz about the hands of a man from Nazareth called Jesus. Some of the buzz was exciting and positive. Some of it was religious and negative. Most of the Pharisees and Sadducees didn’t like Jesus and Jairus had to be either a Pharisee or a Sadducee. Jairus probably would have never met Jesus and become a hero had it not been for a very huge storm in his life concerning his child. Jairus’ daughter was sick and dying. With that emergency, Jairus went… (continue sermon notes)

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