Church Maintains Society sermon video. Church Maintains Society. Romans chapter 1 gives us an amazing word picture of what happens to a person and people away from God. This happens to every person even those who once knew God. Church prevents what could happen. Pay attention. This could, one day, be you, your dearest loved one, your spouse, your child, your grandchild, or anyone for whom you care. This is extremely serious. Romans 1:21 says ‘Yes, THEY KNEW GOD, BUT…’

y Pastor Delbert Young

Church Maintains Society sermon video

Sermon notes


Church Maintains Society sermon video

Scriptures: Ephesians 5:32, Romans 1:21-22, Romans 1:23, Romans 1:29-32, Romans 2:9-11, Romans 8:28

I want to say, “I LOVE MY CHURCH.” Of course, “My” means I love my place of worship and what I watch it do in lives. My PASSION is church, this church. Before Life Gate existed, my passion was church. Even back then I could say, “I LOVE MY CHURCH.” I will always love my church. I will die loving my church.

I had an interesting experience this week. A lady came to the building who works at a local hardware store where we purchase building materials, paint, and most everything we use to maintain our facility. This woman lives in this area and has heard about Life Gate for years. She said she wanted to see inside and decided to take time to do it. I (again) “showed off.” However, I didn’t show off all the “guy stuff” (i.e. projectors, sound equipment, computers, etc). I did light up the sanctuary to let her see it, but then took her through the children’s ministry area. Hey! She’s a mom and moms want to see a safe, clean, animated, attractive environment for their children. She kept saying, “This is so nice.” “This is much larger than I thought.” “I love the Noah’s Ark wall.” “You all have done such a great job here.” She told me where she went to church, but then added, “…for now.” It wasn’t an, “I LOVE MY CHURCH.” My point is… (continue sermon notes)

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