It All Goes Back in the Box sermon video. Grandpa said, Delbert Ray, all the money and houses and land and cars and hotels and railroads go back in the box. I know you worked hard learning how to get them and worked hard learning how to play the game, but they do not belong to you. I knew that. It was his game, but my Grandpa was talking about more than putting a Monopoly game back in a box.

By Pastor Delbert Young

It All Goes Back in the Box sermon video

Sermon notes


It All Goes Back in the Box sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 12:15, Luke 12:2, Luke 12:31, Matthew 6:33

I want to talk about “VALUES” today. What is a value? A value, by definition, is that which we think much of and regard highly. The values in a person’s life are what determine that person’s destiny. The values you embrace define your success or your failure. The values you embrace specify whom, or at least the type of person you marry. Values decide the state of purity a person is in when he/she marries. Values determine your job. Values control how you treat people. Values determine your indebtedness or lack of debt. Your values decree your appearance and the clothes you wear. Your values establish the automobile you drive and the people with whom you do life. The values you caress are your constant companions. Values make you or break you.

You can discern a great deal about a person’s values by the company that a person keeps. You can determine a person’s values more by the company they keep than the house in which they live. Why is that? Luke 12:15 says…

Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; A MAN’S LIFE DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE ABUNDANCE OF HIS POSSESSIONS.”

We are not measured by what we possess. We are measured by our values… (continue sermon notes)

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