Defiled or not be Defiled part 2 – sermon video audio – To Be Defiled Or Not To Be Defiled, That Is The Question: The power of life and death is in the tongue. It sets a life on fire from hell. A person’s tongue will defile the person or make the person fit for God’s purposes.

To be Defiled or not be Defiled, that is the Question part 2

By Pastor Delbert Young


To Be Defiled Or Not To Be Defiled, That Is The Question Part 2

The following snippet is from “Religious Pharisees Clean Outside Nasty Inside” sermon.

Jesus said, “You are full of greed and wickedness.” The word translated greed isharpage {har-pag-ay’} – the act of plundering, robbery, plunder spoil, ravage, rape. The reason they did/do these foolish things is for greed – to maintain control. They raped people by ravaging, robbing, and plundering them. This is not love. It is rape. It’s the violent act of ravaging the souls of people. Jesus spared no words expressing in vivid terms what religion does to people.

I like how the New Living Translation writes verse 41.

Luke 11:41 SO GIVE to the needy what you greedily possess, and YOU WILL BE CLEAN ALL OVER.

Giving is a cleansing process. Have you seen the Farm Bureau commercial with Charlie? It ran back during Christmas. Let’s take a look.

(YouTube video)

Doesn’t just watching that wash something inside you? We need to give. If we don’t we become greedy wicked religious people going through our stupid senseless rituals. How do you do on giving? Jesus said to give alms (Mat 6:1-4). Alms is to be secret giving. When we do it God rewards us openly. Giving will clean us all over.

Jesus lashed out with six woes. Three were given to the greedy wicked religious Pharisees. Three were given to the “experts of the Law.”

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