God Is For Us Sermon Video

God Is For Us Sermon Video. Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? What else could Paul say? How else could he say it? God, the judge loves us. Who can bring an accusation against you and it mean anything? The answer is no one. We can’t fail. God is for us!

God Is For Us Sermon Video

by Pastor Delbert Young

Sermon notes


God is for Us sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 6:6-8, Luke 12:32, Romans 14:17, Matthew 18:6, Luke 18:6-8, Luke 18:1, Romans 8:31-39

Life goes crazy sometimes. Our region went through the Noble Tri-State Crematory nightmare. More people than people would think were effected by the horror. At some point in our lives we wonder, “God, where are you? Do you care about me and about my loved ones?” Today I want to tell you that God is for you. It may seem he is way out there or simply doesn’t care about you, but God loves you and God is for you.

In Luke chapter 18, Jesus told us a parable about a judge.

That judge did not care about people. Neither did he fear God. Those are horrible attitudes for a person set in a seat of judgment. One would think that a judge would care about doing the correct thing toward people, but not this judge. He didn’t care about people. Another person in this parable was a widow. Jesus said that she kept coming to the compassion lacking judge and pleading with him saying, “Grant me justice against my adversary.”

Obviously she didn’t have a husband for she was a widow. Someone had taken advantage of her and she was forced to this merciless judge. She had no one that could help her. She went to the only person who could help and that was the crooked judge. sermon notes and audio

God Is For Us Sermon Video

God Is For Us Sermon Video

God Is For Us Sermon Video

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