Jesus said if we forgive, our heavenly Father will forgive us. If we forgive not our heavenly Father will not forgive us. The ramifications of our forgiveness and these scriptures are enormous. Who suffers from our not forgiving? Is it the person who we hold bitterness toward? Or, is it us?

Who Suffers? Forgive or not Forgive pt 2

By Pastor Delbert Young

Who Suffers? Forgive Or Not Forgive Part 2

 The following snippet is from the message “Miracle of Forgiveness” by Judy Young. It’s not this sermon, but is a great message about forgiveness.

Just to explain the video….we were on vacation and Jack and Max and I were watching Spy Kids Three….the message of the movie was so good…Jack looked at me when the Grandpa was talking about forgiveness and said Nan Mama he shouldn’t forgive him…he is a bad man…and I told Jack … o yes Jack you always forgive…it is the greatest power and it makes Jesus really happy…he looked at me and said yeah….but I could tell he wasn’t truly convinced

But all of us have been on the receiving or giving end of this MIRACLE…..

What I want you to see is that God saved the world and continues to save the world by FORGIVING THE WORLD…when we forgive we come as close as a human can to the DIVINE NATURE OF GOD

We create a NEW BEGINNING for someone who may be imprisoned by their own MISTAKES OF JUDGMENT OR THEIR HURTFUL THOUGHTLESS ACTIONS!!! When we forgive we create a NEW BEGINNING out of past pain for both ourselves and the person that hurt us ….Especially for us forgiveness will bring HEALING FOR OUR FUTURE…..HEALING FROM A FUTURE THAT HAD NO POSSIBILITY IN IT FOR ANYTHING BUT SICKNESS AND BONDAGE.

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