Find Your Lamp Stand sermon video. Jesus saw a broken world and used his influence for the highest purpose, which is to seek and save what was lost. He used a lamp stand on which to put his light. He used a boat, fish and loaves, a fig tree, a cross and finally a throne. He’s telling us to put our lights on our lamp stands.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Find Your Lamp Stand sermon video

Sermon notes


Find Your Lamp Stand sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 5:14-16, Luke 19:5, 8-10

You are a person of influence. There are no exceptions. I’ll say it again. You are a person of influence. If you are breathing and interact with other human beings, you impact lives in very noticeable ways. It’s easy to lose sight of this when we live in an era where celebrities, rock stars, politicians, athletes, etc receive saturations of television and media coverage increasing their influence. We mistakenly assume our influence is inconsequential. That’s not true.

For example, you parents have a massive influence on the lives of your children. Teachers have far more impact on shaping a human life than realized. Someone last week told me in the presence of the middle school teacher the influence the teacher had on his life. Those of you in the work place influence people around you every single day. A spouse will influence the other spouse. A friend will influence a friend. Your attitudes, your behaviors, life choices, words, even facial expressions make a difference upon people every day, day after day after day… (continue sermon notes)

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