Joshua Study Chapters 1-9

Joshua Study Chapters 1-9 is a look at the first chapters of the Book Of Joshua and how it relates to our possessing the kingdom of God today. We look into many types and shadows.

Joshua Study

Joshua Study – Introduction

To possess our kingdom of God we must arise in violence – not natural violence but spiritual violence. We must find life’s Rahabs to acquire necessary information. You and I must cross the Jordan at flood stage and cross any hindrance attempting to hold us back. We must be circumcised in our hearts and be sensitive to the Word of God and His Spirit. Jericho has walls and they must come down. There will be those who disobey in our ranks, and we must deal with them (Achan). We will lose some battles, but we will learn to win the war. There are so many principles in the Book of Joshua giving us spiritual insights into doing what Caleb did. That was knowing we can say to Jesus, “Give me my mountain.”

Ministry Of Moses Is Over And Buried

Canaan does not represent heaven. The ministry of Moses is over and buried., and the Lord moved through another ministry – Joshua. Many can see the promise. Few walk in it, but Joshua did. There are no giants or warfare in heaven. We do have giants and Armageddons between our ears.

Spying Out Wall Of Jericho (chapter 2 part 2)

We all have walls in our lives. What does the Lord do to walls? He writes on them, and digs through them. He runs on them, and brings them down flat. Prophetic ministry comes into our lives to take care of our walls.

Pioneers Or Settlers Fire Baptism (chapter 3)

Are we satisfied to remain in the wilderness, or are we ready to cross into the promises of God? Crossing into the promises appear to be an impossible task. We must wait until we decide God must do something for us to cross. We all go or none of us go. It’s going to require divine order.

Remind Me To Remember (chapter 4)

We should build memorials. One reason is to show the power of God. Another reason is to remind us to tell future generations about the supernatural power of the Lord our God. Also, we need to remind ourselves to talk about it.

Making Ready For Battle (chapter 5)

Our purpose is to win. Paul said he ran to win. We are not win conscious. We are salvation conscious. It’s not if it’s sin, and it’s not if it’s right or wrong. It’s if I want to go on in God. Do I want to win. The Lord says here is what I want you to deal with. Deal with it or die with it. If we want to go on with God and win we will do it.

How Do We Receive Instructions (chapter 6 Part 1)

The key is in the instructions. Joshua was given Jericho if Joshua followed the instructions. This is true in our lives. We’ve already won the battle before the conflict if we follow the instructions.

God Is Not Logical (chapter 6 Part 2)

The key to taking a city is not in the visitation of God, but in the instructions and then obedience to the instructions.  God’s instructions make no sense. There are three element to obedience: 1) We must know it’s God. 2) We are not the issue, but we are the army. 3) Can we receive instructions?

Disobedience In Joshua Chapter 7 (chapter 7 Part 1)

Disobedience along with sin will cause God’s presence to lift. God gives a mercy period and then He will judge a person or a nation. Achan disobeyed and sinned by taking an accursed thing and putting it with his stuff. Isn’t that what we do when we disobey/sin by taking what God said was His and putting it with our stuff, i.e. tithe, time, talents, etc.?

Saw Covet and Took (chapter 7 Part 2)

This is the travel of all sin. We see it, and covet it. Then we take it. It can be anything from adultery to stealing. Achan saw it, coveted  it, and took it. Then the Lord had Achan, his family, and all his possessions stoned and burned.

Continue On Joshua Study Chapter 8

Achan’s disobedience caused the loss of the only battle God’s people suffered as they took the land of Canaan. Joshua learned he needed to hear and follow the Lord’s instructions and not the ideas of people.

Hypocrite In Us All (chapter 9)

Often we tend to portray ourselves as something we are not. We project ourselves as wealthier than we are. We reckon our families as good when they are not. Also, we act as if our marriages and children are wonderful when they are not. It’s playacting. The inhabitants of Gibeon were hypocrites and they initially even made a fool of Joshua.

Joshua Study

Joshua Study

Joshua Study

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