Kingdom Parables sermon series

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes. Though Jesus taught and talked more about the kingdom of God than any other topic, Christians seem to know very little about the kingdom of God. What they do know they push off to a future day after a rapture and tribulation. Is this what Jesus taught? Are the parables about the kingdom for some other time or for now? We’ll dive into these thoughts and questions in KINGDOM PARABLES of Matthew 13. 

(This series is the same as the Kindgom Parables series. I wanted to make it easy to locate by putting the word Parables first for search purposes.)

Kingdom Parables

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

Kingdom Parables – sermon series video audios notes

Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables – sermon video audio notes

As we look into Matthew chapter 13, we need to realize we are looking at a monumental section of all the Holy Scriptures. Altogether it’s here Jesus speaks specifically about his kingdom through parables. Also it’s here Jesus speaks about the age in which we live. Moreover it’s here Jesus will utter things hidden since the creation of the world. How are your ears? How are your eyes? Over the next several weeks, we will be looking at the kingdom of God through those seven parables.

Soil Seed and the Kingdom – sermon video audio notes

Jesus said there are four soils or hearts into which the seed – the message of the kingdom – fell. Soil is soil is soil is soil – dirt is dirt is… a heart is… The issue is not the soil. The issue is what has influenced the soil or heart. All four soils could produce if not hard, not rocky, or not thorny. Rocks and weeds have always been in soil. They are indigenous to dirt. Soil is the native environment for rocks and thorns. The foreign substance is the seed – the word of the kingdom.

Weeds and Wheat – sermon video audio notes

What happens to unbelievers around the believers growing in the good soil? What happens to those in the midst of true believers, but only appearing to be real? Jesus explained with his next parable picking up where he left off. Matthew 13:25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

Mustard Seed – sermon video audio notes

The baby raised in the most meager of means. The fearful and faithless disciples so unqualified. It was the tiny kingdom mustard seed God planted. Within the baby born in a manger was eternal life who would grow into an eternal kingdom that will never end and will cover the entire earth. The kingdom began very small. The kingdom ends very large.

Leaven – sermon video audio notes

The message of the kingdom must get into a person. Once mixed into their life, it’s like leaven. It causes the person to rise! Once this message is in you, you will never be the same. You will nearly have a new Bible. You are no longer flat. The kingdom will expand you and make you better. Every person I’ve shared the message about the kingdom with, who received it like good soil, became productive – 100-60-30 fold better.

Treasure and Pearl – sermon video audio notes

Treasure and the Pearl – Both parables teach us the incomparable value of the kingdom. The treasure in the field is Christ the Son of man, but he’s hidden in his kingdom, the field and oyster shell. The pearl of great value is Christ the Son of man, but he is hidden within the oyster, deep, or in the possession of someone somewhere. Jesus is likening what a person does to acquire the most precious thing possible – the kingdom and Christ within.

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

Net – sermon video audio notes

There is an angelic separation at judgment. Jesus emphasized the separation. His entire sermon has been about the good and the evil growing together. God allows evil, but a time comes when he makes a separation. The separation is inevitable. Little by little, seemingly silently, the net moves through the sea of time capturing all men and women, boys and girls, to the shore of judgment and eternity for one purpose – SEPARATE. This is what Jesus warns.

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

Kingdom Parables sermon series video audios notes

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