Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 1 sermon video. Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 1 sermon video audio notes Luke 11:1-2. One of the life lessons Jesus displayed to his disciples to pray. He allowed them to see and observe him in prayer. Certain people should see us pray. I don’t mean standing on the corner as a Pharisaical hypocrite (Mat 6:5), but your children should see you pray. Your parents should see you pray. One of the inspirations of my life was and is watching my children pray teaching their children to pray. Watching and listening people you admire and respect pray is an inspiration as it was to this disciple. It’s a life lesson.


Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 1 sermon video Luke 11:1-2

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes

Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 1 sermon video Luke 11:1-2

Scriptures: Luke 11:1; Luke 11:2-4

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts given us by God, yet it is one of the most unused, misused, abused, and misunderstood gifts given us by God. Most Christians simply don’t pray. We just don’t take time to pray. We don’t put it into our schedule and we certainly don’t schedule our lives around prayer as did Jesus. My not praying is sort of like telling my wife I love her so she would marry me, but after married I never talk to her. We will pray when some horrific situation happens. Suddenly we not only find time to pray, but want those we know pray to pray. One would think, with the promise prayer brings into our lives, we would pray constantly, but we don’t. How many of us feel we could and should pray more? How many feel when we do pray, life goes better?

Correct prayer requires learning. I don’t know if we think this way. Most people think you should “just pray.” That would be like instructing someone who has never driven an automobile to “just drive.” We wouldn’t do that. “Just cook.” “Just read.” No. Learning is required. We need… (continue sermon notes)

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