Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 2 sermon video. I can recite The Lord’s Prayer in 15 seconds, but sometimes I get lost in prayer talking to Father God. I think that’s what the disciple witnessed when he watched Jesus pray. He wanted to experience and wanted others to experience what Jesus experienced , so he said, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’


Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 2 sermon video Luke 11:1-4

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes

Lord Teach Us To Pray pt 2 sermon video Luke 11:1-4

Scriptures: Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 11:12; Luke 17:20-30; Philippians 4:6

Jesus gave us “Seven Big Ideas” about prayer. (1) Say something. Talk to God. Converse. Use the power of your creative words. (2) Say: direct your conversation to, Father. (3) Say: or talk about what an ideal Father he is. Thank you for being special to me. Hallowed be your name; (4) Say: talk about his kingdom coming; (5) Say: talk about your needs – daily bread. Father has a lot going on, but is concerned about your needs. (6) Say: talk about your weaknesses and mess ups, failing God – asking forgiveness – and weaknesses and failures of others toward you – everyone who sinned against you. (7) Say: talk about leading us away from temptation. This is what Father God wants to talk about. We’re not done praying until, and we haven’t truly prayed until, we talk to Father about these 7 Big Ideas.

Last time we talked about #1 “say,” #2 “Father,” and #3 “Hallowed be your name.” It would be boring to me and to you if I recapped. You are smart people. If you were not here, or need a recap, you can get the notes, CD, DVD, or go online to www.lifegatechurch.com and get it all. I really want to start talking about #4 – “Your kingdom come.” (continue sermon notes)

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