They Got the Sign of Jonah sermon video. Because they repented that generation of Ninevites was not destroyed. That’s the sign of Jonah. Jesus was their Jonah. They got the sign of Jonah. If that wicked generation did not repent, it would be destroyed. They didn’t and were. In A.D. 70, 40 years later, Rome sent its armies and destroyed everything beginning in Galilee to Judea even burning and dismantling their religious temple. They got their sign alright. Sometimes getting a miraculous sign from heaven is not good.


They Got the Sign of Jonah sermon video Luke 11:29-36

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes

They Got the Sign of Jonah sermon video Luke 11:29-36

Scriptures: Luke 11:29-30: Luke 11:15-16; John 15:24; Jonah 1:1-2; Jonah 3:4-5; Luke 11:31; Luke 11:32; Luke 11:33-36; John 3:19; Luke 11:35

Luke 11:29-30 As the crowds increased, Jesus said, THIS IS A WICKED GENERATIONIT ASKS FOR A MIRACULOUS SIGN, but none will be given it EXCEPT the sign of Jonah. For as JONAH WAS A SIGN to the NINEVITESSO ALSO WILL THE SON OF MAN BE TO THIS GENERATION.

The Ninevites saw this sign. (Point being they didn’t see the fish part.) We need to again make certain we see, as we did last time, Jesus is generation specific and the specific generation was his generation. He’s specific twice. He said “this is a wicked generation,” and “…the Son of Man be to this generation.”

They wanted a sign from where? Remember that. They got it. Jesus first dealt with the Beelzebub slander (Luk 11:17-28). He next addressed the sign from heaven. The crowd observed Jesus drive out a mute demon (v14). That sign wasn’t good enough. They wanted a sign from heaven, but would any miracle be good enough? Would any miracle overcome the damage the slander had already done, not to Jesus, but to the people’s belief in Jesus? That’s what slander does. It damages our belief in people… (continue sermon notes)

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