The Coming of the Lord sermon video. How wise are we concerning the coming of the Lord? I don’t mean how much theology and eschatology we know. I mean how wise are we concerning it? Are we dressed and ready? Have we turned the lights out? Are we anticipating the coming of the Lord? All I know is Jesus is giving a dire warning and we all need to be wise about the coming of the Lord and the end. We’ve made it a doctrine to argue rather than an event to anticipate and experience.


The Coming of the Lord sermon video (Luke 12:35-48)

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes

The Coming of the Lord sermon video Luke 12:35-48

Scriptures:Luke 12:35-38; Luke 12:39-40; Matthew 24:36-39; Luke 12:41-48; Acts 1:11

Remember Jesus is talking to his disciples about the leaven of the Pharisees. We will see Jesus connect ESCATALOGY – the study and belief of the end of time – with hypocrisy (play acting a relationship with God). An incorrect view of “the end” will cause hypocrisy. It’s not an incorrect theological or eschatological view causing hypocrisy. It’s an incorrect anticipation on how we live knowing the end could come that births hypocrisy. I’ll explain. How does eschatology affect my life today? Jesus shows us.

Another thought concerning eschatology is outside of the “end of time” we all have an “end time” like it or not. We need to be aware of our individual end and anticipate it not in a gruesome morbid way, but in awareness. We each have a limited time on this planet. I should be aware of how to make the most of my time. So should you. How are you using your limited time? If you believe in Jesus Christ then this is important… (continue sermon notes)

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