How Does Sin Look to God Leprosy sermon video. How Does Sin Look to God? Leprosy. Have you ever wondered how sin appears to God? I mean, if you could see sin’s affects on your heart and soul, how would it look? Leprosy is how sin looks. God used leprosy as an illustration of sin. If we could see our heart and soul through the eyes of God without the touch of Jesus, it would look leprous. It is nasty, full of tumors, eaten away, unwashed, unkempt, and decaying away. Sin made it unclean.


5 by Pastor Delbert Young

How Does Sin Look to God Leprosy sermon video (5:12-15)

Sermon notes


How Does Sin Look to God Leprosy sermon video Luke 5:12-15

Scriptures: Luke 5:12; Leviticus 13:45-46; 1 Samuel 16:7; Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:20-23; Numbers 12:10-12; 2 Samuel 3:29; 2 Kings 5:27; 2 Chronicles 26:19, 21; Luke 5:12-13; 1 John 1:9-10; Luke 5:14-15; Mark 1:45

Today we will look at the miracle of Jesus and the leper and see how that story from two thousand years ago applies to you and me today.

Luke 5:12 While Jesus was in one of the towns, a man came along who was COVERED WITH LEPROSY

Jesus was traveling from town to town doing exactly what he said he would do – preach the kingdom of God (Lu 4:43). While traveling, Jesus came face to face with a man covered with leprosy. No disease carried the stigma in that time as did leprosy. We might possibly relate to the stigma AIDS carries today. Leprosy is terminal with a long slow death carrying immense social and religious implications. It was a common problem in Israel (Lu 4:27). Luke, a physician, diagnosed this person as covered with leprosy. He was in the final stages of leprosy. How would that look? (continue sermon notes)

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