PhD’s Pharisees a Paralytic and Jesus sermon video. PhD’s, Pharisees, a Paralytic, and Jesus (Luke 5:15-26). Do you know any “paralytics”? Do you know people with a paralyzed life? Do you know people with a paralyzed marriage, paralyzed family, paralyzed by addictions, paralyzed by sin? Religion rejects them. Jesus wants to heal. Are you carrying them to Jesus, or just to “church”? These men cared enough about their friend to carry him to Jesus.


PhD’s Pharisees a Paralytic and Jesus sermon video (Luke 5:15-26)

Sermon notes

PhD’s Pharisees a Paralytic and Jesus sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 5:15-16; Luke 5:17; Mark 7:13; Luke 5:17; Luke 5:18-19; Luke 5:19; Luke 5:20-21; Luke 5:22-25; Luke 5:26

Who had come from every village and as far away as Jerusalem? I don’t know about you, but this looks like a plan, a setup, to come together to address, correct, and indict Jesus and his doctrine. Luke is telling us this wasn’t the normal crowd. This was a religious crowd converging on Jesus with the best religious PhD’s and Pharisees from everywhere who somehow all arrived the same day including those coming from Jerusalem, the religious capital, a hundred and twenty miles away. Do you smell a rat? They were going to prove Jesus was a fake. (I see Jesus “licking his chops.”)

Here is Luke’s introduction of the Pharisees and teachers of the Law (KJV – doctors of the law). Luke’s not mentioned them until now. The teachers of the law are the scribes. The scribes and Pharisees are predominating and cameo again and again. They were and are the arch enemies of Jesus. The disdain for these people by Jesus will erupt in Matthew 23 when Jesus massively rebuked them with eight “Woe unto you scribe and Pharisee hypocrites…”They showed Jesus and people they couldn’t get by with that by arresting and crucifying Jesus a few days later. Scribes and Pharisees are mean and vindictive religious people… (continue sermon notes)

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