When Jesus Gets In Your Boat sermon video. When Jesus Gets In Your Boat (3,781 YouTube views) Have you ever had a life-changing experience where you look back and say, “That changed my life!”? The experience not only changed how you lived, but it changed why you would die. Simon, James, and John have such an experience in this week’s Luke study.


by Pastor Delbert Young

When Jesus Gets In Your Boat sermon video (Luke 5:1-11)

Sermon video

When Jesus Gets In Your Boat sermon video (Luke 5:1-11)


Scriptures: Luke 5:1-3; Luke 12:1; John 5:24; Luke 5:4; John 1:41; Matthew 4:18-19; Luke 5:4-5; Luke 5:6; Luke 5:7; Luke 5:8; Luke 5:9; Luke 5:10; Luke 5:11

I want to talk today about “When Jesus gets into your boat.” He doesn’t intend to sit there long. He will want you to push out, first just a little, but eventually, he will ask you to go deep. If you will, when he does, something big will happen. Every boat ride Jesus took was eventful. You might catch a boat load of fish, or run into a storm, or run into a demon, but something will happen when Jesus steps into your boat. It’s not only the ride of your life. It will change your life when Jesus gets into your boat.

The Lake of Gennesaret was actually the Sea of Galilee, but called the Lake of Gennesareth when at the city of Gennesareth a few miles southwest of Capernaum. (map) Jesus spent a lot of his time around the lake/sea of Galilee.

The crowds were already large and growing causing Jesus to do much of his teaching outside of town. The crowds would gridlock a town. If we think about this, we understand. Today we see the massive crowds of maybe 50,000 people a Benny Hinn meeting attracts with people hoping to be healed. What if Benny Hinn could… (continue sermon notes)

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