Apostle Peter Do You Love Me More video. How much do you love Jesus in comparison to others? Have you ever analyzed this thought? Actually, do you love him more than your job or business? Do you love Jesus more than money? How about your time, your family, your marriage? Where does Jesus number in your list of the loves of your life? Do you love him?


by Delbert Young

Apostle Peter Do You Love Me More video (Luke 6:12-16)

Sermon notes


Apostle Peter Do You Love Me More video Luke 6:12-16

Scriptures: Luke 6:12-16; Luke 5:8; Matthew 18:21; Matthew 16:16-18; Matthew 16:21-22; Matthew 16:23; Matthew 14:29; Matthew 26:31; Matthew 26:69-75; John 21:3; John 21:15-17; Luke 14:26-27; John 21:18-19

Luke 6:14 Simon, (whom he also named Peter,)…

Luke 5:8 When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees…

We often read Simon Peter. A great way to understand this is Simon who Jesus is transforming to Rock – Peter (Petros) meaning Rock. Simon Peter is mentioned more than any other person in the gospels except Jesus. As we saw last time, Simon Peter is named first in all four listings of the apostles (Mat 10; Mar 3; Luk 6; Act 1). Jesus called Simon Peter to be the leader of his apostles (Mat 10:2), but Simon had to transform to Rock to accomplish the task. To do this, Jesus called him Simon when he was not allowing God to transform him. Jesus called him Rock (Peter) when Peter was allowing God to transform him.

Simon was a natural leader. There’s a God-given quality some people seem born with that makes them a natural leader. It’s woven into them while in their mother’s womb (Psa 139:15). That was Simon. Jesus transformed those natural leader qualities into the spiritual leader, Rock (Peter). The Lord will transform the qualities already woven into us from natural to spiritual, supernatural, and eternal Let’s take a look at some leadership qualities God transformed… (continue sermon notes)

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