Apostle Philip Don’t You Believe video. “Philip, get out of your rule book and believe. Stop attempting to figure everything out and believe me. The miracles and the evidence are overwhelming. If you can’t believe I am of God then at least believe the evidence. Your analytical pragmatic mind can come up with no other explanation. ‘Show us the Father…’ What do you think I’ve been doing?” God can take a doubter and make him or her an Apostle Philip.


by Delbert Young

Apostle Philip Don’t You Believe video (Luke 6:12-16)

Sermon notes


Apostle Philip Don’t You Believe video Luke 6:12-16

Scriptures: Luke 6:12-16; John 1:43-44; John 1:45; John 6:44; John 15:16; John 1:46; John 6:5; John 6:6; John 6:7; John 6:8-9; John 12:20-21; John 12:22; John 14:6-9; John 14:10; John 14:11

John 1:46 “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “COME AND SEE,” said Philip.

We’ll talk about Nathanael next time, but Philip said, “Come and see.” Nathanael was confused and had questions. He responded to his friend and came.

Jesus said to Philip, “Follow me” and Philip did. Do people always respond that way to Father’s drawing and Jesus’ calling? I wish, but sadly no. This is when people reject Jesus. I’m thinking of a young man I’ve known for years. One day he called me and asked if he could come by my study and talk. He came by full of questions and confusion about life. Many times when people are confused about life, it is Father drawing and Jesus calling. I answered his questions, explained what was happening inside him, told him God had some special designated plans for him, prayed with him, and he left. He hasn’t been back and is not serving God to this day. Knowingly, he rejected Jesus and that is a bad thing to do.

There are other times I watch the drawing and calling happen and people do like Philip and Andrew. “We have found the Christ.” Is Father God drawing you? (continue sermon notes)

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