Are You God Messiah or Not video. John the Baptist asked, Are you God (Messiah), or not? Are you the coming one or not. This is too serious. I’ve got to know not only for me, but for all. Are you him? John the Baptist was doubting big time. Here’s our lesson for today. Have you ever doubted? Sure. Question: Is the presence of doubt the absence of faith? No. Faith is the willingness to believe beyond, and in spite of, all doubts. We all doubt. Faith believes anyway.


by Delbert Young

Are You God Messiah or Not video Luke 7:18-20

Sermon notes


Are You God Messiah or Not video Luke 7:18-20

Scriptures: Luke 1:67-74; Luke 3:21-22; John 1:29-34; John 3:30; Luke 7:18-20; Acts 17:11; Luke 7:18-19; Luke 3:19-20; Luke 3:7; Luke 3:9; Luke 3:17-18; John 6:39; John 6:40; John 6:44; John 6:54; John 11:24

We look at a very unique and applicable story today about John the Baptist and his struggle with doubt. Of all people, I would never think John the Baptist would doubt Jesus. We learn we all can and will struggle with doubt. As you recall, John was the son of Zechariah, a priest. John’s birth and ministry was massively important for without John’s coming, Jesus could not come. John’s birth was prophetic and miraculous. The angel Gabriel came to Zechariah telling him he and his barren wife Elizabeth would conceive a son in their old age and to name him John. John would be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb, minister in the spirit of Elijah, never drink alcoholic beverages or cut his hair, and would be the awaited forerunner of the Messiah. Elizabeth did conceive and, six months afterwards, Mary, the mother of Jesus, conceived. John heard all his childhood what he was to do. Luke 1:63-80 is a most important passage as it shows us not only the Jews teaching about the Messiah, but John’s thinking about the Messiah. At John’s birth, we read… (continue sermon notes)

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