Power of Compassion Raising Widow’s Son video. Jesus is moved by compassion. Let’s say it another way. Compassion moves Jesus. There is a power in compassion like nothing else. His gut aches when you or I have a difficult, emotionally wrecking time. When people are miserable, our God is miserable. The God of the universe hurts when I hurt. Compassion moves the hand of God.


by Delbert Young

Power of Compassion Raising Widow’s Son video (Luke 7:11-17)

Sermon notes

Power of Compassion Raising Widow’s Son video Luke 7:11-17

Scriptures: Luke 7:11-17; Jeremiah 6:26; (KJV); 1 John 3:17

Do you remember the first funeral you attended? The first funeral I remember was my Grandpa Young. Perhaps you’ve heard me talk about my Grandpa Young. When I was a boy, Grandpa Young spent time with me. I remember being at Grandpa Young’s house anxiously waiting him to come from work and play with me. I knew I had to wait for him to sit in his porch swing and read his newspaper. Once finished and rested, he would spend time with me. He taught me to play shuffleboard, dominoes, and checkers, whatever. We would watch boxing on television together picking our fighter to win. He’d let me select first and then we would cheer on our boxer. I remember a time I did something greatly embarrassing. Everyone laughed at me, but not Grandpa Young. He said, “Don’t let that bother you. I’ve done it too.” I loved my Grandpa Young and I knew he loved me. You can imagine how I felt when my dad walked to my room early one Friday morning, knocked on my door to tell me, “Delbert Ray, my daddy, Grandpa Young, died last night.” My grandpa was only 67 years old. I knew he had a stroke, but, as a child, couldn’t get it. How could something called “death,” happen to my Grandpa Young? What does, “Grandpa Young died last night” mean?” I didn’t understand. I remember the funeral. I was just a boy standing there beside my mother and father looking at my Grandpa Young lying dead in his casket… (continue sermon notes)

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