Who Touched Me sermon video. She came up behind him. She didn’t come forward and openly. She was unclean and forced to sneak in. If caught touching a person, she could be arrested and prosecuted. Nonetheless, she got in and she touched the edge of his cloak. Why was the edge of his cloak her target?


Who Touched Me sermon video (Luke 8:40-48)

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes

Who Touched Me sermon video Luke 8:40-48

Scriptures: Luke 8:40-43; Luke 8:41-42; Luke 8:42-43; Mark 5:26; Leviticus 15:25; Luke 8:44; Numbers 15:37-39; Malachi 4:2; Luke 8:45-48

We’ve probably all felt, at some point in time, desperate and hopeless. Some life event happened – perhaps sickness, children problems, occupational problems, impending debt, impending death of a loved one, marriage, so many things. It exhausted you with worry and you were sick with concern. I speak with people daily going through the anxiety of desperation and hopelessness. They’ve done everything they could, but can’t stop it. Desperation and hopelessness robs our life of life. Hopelessness can make life feel not worth living. Despair and hopelessness are dangerous places to be, sometimes bringing suicidal thoughts.

Let’s talk about this today. I’ve been there – not suicidal, but hopeless. You’ve been there or maybe are there. People you know today are there, if you can’t help them, what will happen? I heard this was said at a funeral of someone so hopeless they committed suicide. A relative said, “We all could have done more.” What?

As we’ve seen in our studies, Jesus experienced consecutive days of mostly riding in a boat. He wanted to sail across the lake. A deadly storm attacked them which he stilled. Stepping ashore, a naked monster man full of demons met him which he delivered. The crowd asked Jesus to leave. He got back in the boat and came back across the lake finding a different crowd. This crowd welcomed him with anticipation. We are in a crowd either anticipating Jesus, or in a crowd wanting Jesus to leave. In which are you? In which are your children? (continue sermon notes)

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